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Established in 1995 by Margaret Briffa, our firm has developed into one of the UK’s leading specialists in intellectual property law.

Whether it’s drafting the perfect contract for your new partnership to registering the copyright or trade mark of your original work, our team quickly and reliably undertake the necessary work to protect and commercialise your intellectual property assets. From creative works to trade secrets, we’re here to help.

Confused about the intricacies of contract law or looking to work with experts on protecting your confidential information and database rights? Briffa can help. We are fully prepared and ready to assist in all aspects of intellectual property law in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Why not arrange a no-obligation, free initial consultation with our highly professional and experienced solicitors today and find out how we can help you?

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Briffa’s specialist solicitors have been practising intellectual property law in the UK and Europe for over twenty-five years. Meet our team and see the faces behind our success stories.

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