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In law, you can protect your brand by registering trade marks covering the words, sounds, logos and colours associated with your brand. Registration defends against copying. Firstly, by acting as a legal deterrent. And secondly, by giving you the right to pursue action against infringers. You can be confident that intellectual property law is on your side.

Protection is critical, regardless of whether you’ve just started a new business or you’re already well-established. The legal benefit of owning the rights to your brand assets is considerable, given your company’s growth potential.

You don’t want to forge ahead only to find that a competitor has started copying you or, worse still, you’re using a name or logo that someone else has already registered. Without legal protection, you’ll find your options for dealing with such scenarios are limited and expensive.

This is where an experienced brand protection lawyer can help. Our team have helped businesses big, small, new, and old. We can protect your rights by registering trade marks, monitoring for infringement, and taking action when necessary. We can also help in cases where your brand is copied, but your rights are not registered (known as a “passing off claim”).

Client testimonial

“My company had issues with someone else marketing services using an almost identical trading name. I was recommended to contact Briffa and found them to be excellent. They took on responsibility for addressing the problem and ultimately resolving it to my satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

– Graham Suggett

How can we help?

Trade Mark Registrations

Our brand protection lawyers can help you register trade marks to cover your brand. We can:

  • Consult on whether a mark is registerable.
  • Identify where to register marks (for example, if you operate in countries outside of the UK).
  • Search for similar marks in your class of goods & services that could challenge your registration.
  • Help you decide what to register (a word mark, a logo mark, or both), and advise on costs and timeframes.
  • Manage the entire application on your behalf.
  • Help you solve any tricky issues with registration, such as similar marks that are already registered.
Trade Mark Services

Trade Mark Infringements

If your brand is registered as a trade mark in a particular country, it is protected by law in that country. If it is not registered, your brand does not have the same level of defence.

But regardless, if you find someone is infringing your rights or copying your brand assets, we can help you pursue action to solve the issue.

Trade Mark Services

Brand Protection Insurance

We offer an insurance product specifically designed to help companies protect their brand against the risks of trade mark infringement.

BrandProtect is an innovative service uniquely offering cost-effective legal insurance against those that use your brand or infringe your trade mark without permission.

A low-cost premium gives you £100,000 worth of a fighting fund to protect your brand.

BrandProtect Insurance

International Brand Protection

With the rise of counterfeit products and copycat services, protecting your brand across international borders has become a key consideration for many businesses.

But unfortunately, there is no single worldwide trade mark. We can advise where to register and support you in doing so. Similarly, in the event of international infringement, we’ll use our global network of associates and industry contacts to help resolve the case.

Why work with Briffa?

We are recognised as a “leading firm” by the Legal500, and we’ve established ourselves as experts in brand protection.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case before any fixed fee quotes are given.

With offices in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, plus a global network of associates, we can support you all over the world.

We offer an industry-leading service with short turnaround times and business-focused advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my brand?

You can protect your brand’s name, logo, colours and other key identifiers by registering a trade mark. Registering gives you the legal right to use a mark however you wish, and it means you can take action against those who copy your marks.

Once registered, you’ll also need to actively monitor for infringement to ensure any instances of copying are detected.

Who should protect their brand?

Any business with a recognisable or growing brand should seek to protect its assets legally. This not only extends to companies selling products or services but also to famous individuals who wish to protect or license the usage of their name and image for commercial gain.

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