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When it comes to protecting your commercial interests, not all contracts do the best job. Using a standard contract means there is ample opportunity for oversights, disputes, and exclusions.

So given the valuable nature of intellectual property, whether it’s branding, product designs, confidential information, or something else, it’s essential that any contracts in use are fit for purpose.

We can help you regardless of whether you need:

  • A new contract to buy, sell, transfer, license, or even franchise intellectual property.
  • Advice on how best to commercialise your IP, and what type of agreements (contracts) you’ll need.
  • Help regarding what you can and cannot do under the terms of an existing contract.
  • Support and representation through a contractual dispute.

Our solicitors have helped individuals and businesses in a range of industries with every conceivable contract issue since 1995, so you can rely on us for industry-leading expertise. Get in touch today to organise a free consultation.

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Confidential Information

If you’re seeking to keep your intellectual property confidential and secure, a watertight IP contract can help.

The use of a confidentiality clause, also known as a non-disclosure agreement, allows two independent parties to share sensitive, valuable IP whilst working together.

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Buying, Selling or Transferring IP

An IP contract is essential when two parties decide to transfer the ownership of intellectual property between one another.

This can cover relationships such as employee-employer and buyer-seller.

If you need help with a contract covering the purchase, sale or transfer of IP, get in touch with our team.


A licensing agreement is a type of IP contract that allows the licensee to repurpose the licensor’s intellectual property for commercial use.

Licensing can be a great means of commercialising a company or individual’s intellectual property.

If you want to license-out your IP or if you want to license-in another party’s IP, then speak to our team for advice.

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Joint Development

Under a joint development agreement, two parties work together to develop a new product or service.

The terms on how pre-existing and new IP will be shared during and after development are exceptionally important.

If you need support with drafting a joint development agreement, our team can help.


There are many different types of contracts required for software, including distribution contracts, development contracts, collaboration agreements, revenue share agreements, and publishing agreements.

You can count on our team whenever you want to secure the best deal, get your contract right, and save money, time and stress.

Why choose Briffa?

We’re an award-winning, specialist intellectual property law firm with three decades of experience.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs before any fixed-fee quotes are given.

We have offices in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, plus a global network of associates.

We offer an industry-leading service with short turnaround times and business-focused advice.


What are the key clauses in IP contracts?

Important and/or higher value contracts should always be very carefully considered, but most contracts often share the following important clauses (although the content of the clauses will differ):

• Duration of agreement
• Services and commitments
• Payment terms
• Jurisdiction
• Default events
• Termination of the contract
• Disclosure of information and data
• Warranties and/or indemnities
• Intellectual Property
• Confidentiality
• Force Majeure


Do I need a lawyer to draft an IP contract?

There are template IP contracts freely available for a variety of purposes online. However, we strongly advise against using free templates.

Any contract, regardless of whether it focuses on intellectual property or not, should be drafted specifically for the situation and parties it intends to bind.

And given the complexities of intellectual property law, there is a high risk of getting something wrong without the help of an experienced professional. Even the slightest mistake could be extremely costly in the future.

In short, it’s wise to consult a lawyer for drafting or reviewing any IP contracts.

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