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Product Design Industry Services

Good design is essential for standing out. Our experienced product design lawyers support designers across sectors such as furniture, lighting, giftware, technology, food & drink, fashion and luggage.

From registering your designs and licensing them, through to exporting and contract negotiations with distributors and retailers, our expert team of intellectual property lawyers have years of experience helping product designers maximise their businesses potential and overcome IP concerns.

We have recently worked with an independent furniture designer to prevent design rights infringement from a large retailer as well as a case where our team of product design solicitors negotiated agreements on behalf of a large European kitchenware designer to enforce their IP rights after infringement from a national retailer with vast legal resources. Both of these cases resulted favourably for our clients, with the retailers in question going on to stock our client’s products and profitable relationships were built.

To find out more about our intellectual property services and how they can benefit your product design business read on or fill in the contact form opposite to book a free consultation and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Client Testimonial

“Spoke to Alex today about some IP around colours, copyright and design rights. He was super helpful confirming some of my thoughts and adding in the extras I never thought about. Spoke for about 20 minutes and I left the convo with much more knowledge. No hard sell here, Alex was really personable and was honest about something that would incur a cost, but never tried to push anything on me. I will definitely be back.”

– Accessory House, Product Design Services Client

How Can We Help?

Our legal services for product design firms include:

Trade Marks

Your products speak for themselves, and over time this can build your reputation as an authority in your industry. Why risk the trust you’ve worked so hard to build up by not protecting your brand with trade mark registration.

A trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your brand in relation to what you do. Your brand is your identity, a sign of quality and usually a major driving force behind a consumer purchase. We can advise you on your brand strategy and make sure it’s registered and properly protected anywhere in the world.

Commercial Contracts

Getting your products out there is no easy feat, it’s a balancing act between any number of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and freelancers. Keeping all of these in check should be a strong set of agreements that hold other parties to account and protect you and your rights.

Our experienced product design solicitors offer fixed fees to draft, review and negotiate documents.

Design Registration

We can help to protect the one thing that makes your business stand out, your designs, by registering them and securing your intellectual property rights for up to 25 years. When combined with trade marks and copyright protections we can ensure you have the surest legal footing on which to do business in the best way for you.

Registering your designs offers comprehensive and cost-effective protection for your original creations. We can help secure registered rights and build your intellectual property portfolio.

Confidential information

Your product design business is built not only on the physical end product but the information you acquire along the way. Inside knowledge of the industry, supply chains and contacts are all valuable information to your business. We can help to protect your proprietary information with non-disclosure agreements and advice on confidentiality.


Designers thrive on creating innovative market leading advances in their products, setting them apart from their competitors and driving sales. The importance of protecting your innovations with a patent therefore cannot be understated.

A patent can be one of the most powerful tools you have for keeping your inventions safe. From innovative inventions to technological advances, our expert patent solicitors and associate patent attorneys can advise you on patent protection and guide you through the application process.

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