Legal Services for International Organisations

Briffa Legal is London’s leading provider of international Intellectual Property rights services. Since 1995, we’ve been advising a wide range of clients across many sectors on the intricacies of international law. We can assist you to take best advantage of a new trading landscape following the UK’s departure from the EU, managing international copyright laws, registering your trade marks abroad and much, much more — our specialist IP lawyers are always eager to help.

Legal Services for International Organisations

Business is international, and so are we. Briffa has built a network of over 100 associate firms across the globe, all poised to assist you with everything from Brexit preparations to international Intellectual Property rights management.

Our international reach allows us to provide local advice, wherever you trade. It means that by speaking to one lawyer in the UK, you can access hundreds of lawyers overseas. We’ll deal with the invoicing and engagement, so there’s no need for additional paperwork on your side. The vast majority of our fees will also be fixed and quoted in advance, allowing you to keep track of what you’re spending and where. From furniture and food to software and shoes, the possibilities for export are endless. With the right contracts in place and the appropriate IP in force, you can trade with reduced stress and increased confidence. To discuss your international reach and see how we can help, or to arrange a free meeting with one of our solicitors, please call +44 (0)20 7288 6003 or fill out our contact form below.


We can help with a wide range of legal issues. We are waiting to hear from you.
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Preparing Your Business for International Success in Europe

Now we have left the EU, the trade deal which the government will strike will be of great interest to business trading in Europe. The hope is that a deal will be done before the end of the transition period which ends at 11pm on 31st December 2020. Briffa is fully prepared to protect your intellectual property and through our European office, we can file trade marks and designs all over the EU. Let our highly skilled and experienced team handle your international applications, review your commercial contracts and audit your trade mark portfolio — whatever your requirements, we can provide the services you need to ensure your business continues to succeed long after Brexit is finalised.

Countdown to the end of the Brexit transition period and additional arrangements agreed

Briffa Legal Services for International Clients

Understanding the intricacies of international law can be difficult, particularly in the wake of so much change in our trading relationships with other countries. Let Briffa navigate the waters for you and ensure that your international Intellectual Property Rights are protected across all borders and in every territory of operation.

Briffa Legal’s international legal services:

Trade Marks
Your brand is your identity, a sign of quality and usually a major driving force behind a consumer purchase. We can advise you on your brand strategy and make sure it’s registered and properly protected anywhere in the world.

Commercial Contracts
Agreements are key tools in holding your other parties to account and protecting yourself and your rights. Whether freelancer, manufacturing, distribution, consumer sales or wholesale agreements, we offer fixed fees to draft, review and negotiate documents.

Copyright arises with artistic craftsmanship as well as design sketches, logos and website layouts. We can advise on how to best protect these assets and what to do if you are copied.

Confidential Information
Inside knowledge of the industry, supply chains and contacts are all valuable information to your business. We can help you keep your knowledge secret with non-disclosure agreements and advice on confidentiality.

Our expert patent solicitors can advise you on patent protection and guide you through the application process.
For more information on the above and to arrange a free meeting with one of our solicitors, please call +44 (0)20 7288 6003 or fill out our contact form.

Key Practice Areas

Briffa’s highly trained team can assist you with a wide range of legal issues, from fixed-fee trade mark and design applications to dealing with IP disputes and drafting contracts. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange your free legal assessment.

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We can help with a wide range of legal issues. We are waiting to hear from you.

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Briffa is a firm of leading intellectual property solicitors based in London. We’re creative, transparent and competitively priced — our highly skilled team provides the level of expertise and quick turnaround times you need to ensure your intellectual property and business interests remain protected.

We help clients across a broad range of sectors and we’re experts in brand strategy and IP portfolio management — our team can help your business grow, giving you a competitive edge that increases the value of your business for either investment or eventual sale.

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