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Over the past 25 years, we have developed a reputation as one of the UK’s leading authorities on intellectual property law.

Naturally, our background in intellectual property (IP) means we’re well placed to advise on a wide range of commercial matters for businesses at any stage of their lifecycle.

In addition, our team have extensive experience across all aspects of commercial law – having worked closely with businesses big and small in a diverse range of sectors, like fashionmusic, and technology.

We take the time to understand the commercial needs and objectives of your business, and then we apply our creative approach to figure out the best solution for you. Whether that’s maximising commercial value, starting or exiting a business, or simply drafting a commercial contract or agreement – we’ve got you covered.


“Fantastic firm – really grateful to have found them. My life feels more relaxed with the support of these guys. They’re extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all my big and small questions. Really appreciate all the advice provided. My business has made some big steps and really flourished with the help, so I thank you again.”

– Andy D, Commercial Services Client

How can we help?

Business Support

Every business is different and no list of services can fully cover the unique challenges you may be facing.

However, our team of expert commercial lawyers have helped thousands of businesses over the years with tasks such as:

  • Maximising business value
  • Starting a business
  • Exit strategies
  • Buying and selling businesses or assets
  • International expansion
  • Intellectual property protection

When buying, selling or merging a business, service or product, IP will undoubtedly be part of the equation — our expertise means you don’t need to worry about these crucial aspects and you can instead get on with other key business tasks.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial contract lawyers specialise in identifying contractual dangers or drafting new contracts to minimise business risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting your business.

Many commercial contracts now include essential intellectual property (IP) clauses and considerations. As such, there are compelling and fundamental business reasons for seeking a law firm with a proven track record and reputation in intellectual property, not least because IP normally makes up 80% of a business’s value.

We have experience drafting or reviewing a wide range of contracts, including terms and conditions of sale and supply, terms and conditions of purchase, marketplace agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, consultancy agreements, collaboration agreements, director services agreements, software development agreement, publishing agreements, and more.

Why Choose Briffa?

We have been providing commercial law services since 1995

We offer a free consultation to discuss your commercial intellectual property needs before any fixed fee quotes are given

We have offices in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

We offer an industry leading service with short turnaround times and business-focused advice

Case Study:

It often takes a little commercial nous and creative thinking to help a client achieve their objectives.

For example, we were tasked with helping a client buy his co-director out following a dispute. In a negotiation where the two parties know each other well, it can be tricky as each side can predict how the other will act.

For example, our opponent knew our client was the type of person who usually seeks to “meet in the middle”.

Our opponent anticipated our client would start with a low offer and then gradually increase it following counter-offers. Our opponent determined this process could be repeated a few times until our client had gone as high as they were willing to go.

To avoid this situation, we calculated a true, fair business value, factoring in the impact of the risks of the co-director leaving. We set this price out as our ‘best offer’.

When our client’s co-director came back with a counter-offer well above our price, instead of increasing the offer to start the “meet in the middle” process, we reduced our offer and stated this was now the new ‘best offer’.

We repeated the process when the co-director once again came back asking for more than the offered price. Realising what was happening, the co-director eventually decided to take our latest offer, coming in much lower than our client was originally willing to pay.

This approach helped avoid a price escalation, preserved vital business funds, and was over with quickly. For more details, check out the case study here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial law?

Commercial law is a broad term covering a wide range of legal matters concerning business practices. From starting, running, or exiting a business, different aspects of commercial law can help protect rights, resolve disputes, aid business growth, and plenty more – the list of applications is almost endless.

What are commercial contracts?

Commercial contracts, sometimes referred to as commercial agreements, are legal documents binding the signed parties together on a set of agreed conditions. Commercial contracts are incredibly important for a business to operate effectively and they exist in a huge variety of forms and uses, from something as simple as a website’s terms & conditions through to staff employment contracts or the licensing of intellectual property.

Given their vital role, any weaknesses in the contract could be devastating for a business. As such, it’s important to seek the advice and support of an experienced commercial contract lawyer when drafting, reviewing, or updating agreements.

What are commercial contracts used for?

Commercial contracts can be created for almost any business purpose, but typically they relate to:

Key Contacts For Commercial Law

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