Computer games characters

Case Study - Games Development - publishing deal

Our client came to us for advice on a deal with a computer games publisher. The draft contract presented by the publisher signed over all rights in the intellectual property created by our client to the publisher. So what happened next?

Case Study - Employee breach of restrictive covenants and copyright infringement

Our client came to us after becoming aware that two of its senior employees were working on setting up their own business and were approaching our client’s customers to try and secure their business. What were our client’s options?

Case Study - Design Infringement

Our client is a furniture designer who creates distinctive quality furniture which is sold through small specialist shops.  A major department store produced furniture which was strikingly similar to our client’s range and sold it in its store at a price much less than similar items of our client’s designs. Our client had approached this same retailer a year earlier with a view to selling his range to them but no deal was done. The actions of the retailer risked seriously damaging our client’s business and his ambitions for expansion. But after our involvement was there a happy ending for both?

Case Study - Creative Thinking on Trade Mark Matters

We file hundreds of marks every year on behalf of businesses and as part of that service we do run checks for obvious road blocks. This means we can often say with some degree of certainty whether the mark you want is likely to get through and if not we make suggestions on changes which can be made before filing to ensure success. But in this case what added value did we secure for the client?