Can my brand be protected on the web?

Written by Daniel Crate | June 5, 2024

Intellectual Property

Protection of brands is just as important on the internet as it is in other media.  With the propensity to search for company, business, product names through search engines such as “Google”, preventing others from using your name without your permission is important to ensure that internet traffic finds its way to your business.

The main improper uses of brands on the internet that can cause damage for our clients are outlined below:-


A third party may register a brand name as a domain name in the hope that either they will direct all traffic intended for the brand owners’ site, or even as a way of extorting money from the brand owner who is forced to purchase the domain name in order to regain control of his brand.  This can cause considerable damage to business.


Metatags are the keywords that allow search engines to identify web pages that are of relevance to the internet user based upon the internet user queries.  Competitors can “hide” metatags containing your brand to divert traffic intended for your website to theirs.


Framing allows an unauthorised user to capture part of the brand owners site and display it as if it were part of their site. Clearly this can lead to a loss of control of the brand.  Deeplinking is where a third party can link to the brand owners’ website without first going through the home page.  This can affect possible advertising revenues (calculated by impressions or hits) and can distort the impression of the business as intended by the brand owner.

What steps can I take to stop this?

We recommend using Briffa’s Trade Mark Watching Service to monitor the use of your brand on the internet and elsewhere.  For further information about this service please contact us.

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