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Startups and IP: 3 key things to think about

For some startups intellectual property is their main and the most valuable asset, and therefore it is extremely important to take care of their IP. Here are the 3 key things to think about to ensure you properly protect your IP and safeguard the value of your business: 1. Identify what IP you have and what you need to do protect it There are several types of intellectual property rights: · Copyright · Trade Marks…
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Covid and Cybercrime

The effect of Covid-19 and Government Lockdown has asserted business to make employees work from home, many of whom will not have done so regularly before. This may make many businesses more vulnerable to attack or other cybersecurity issues. Business needs to consider the risks involved specially IT arrangements for remote working may not be as secure; employees may be unfamiliar with new IT arrangements for working from home; employees judgement to scams and suspicious…
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Between two Skies

In a seminal update to current trade mark law, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has recently issued its judgment in the long running case of Sky v Skykick which could have significant implications for trade mark practice in both the UK and EU. By way of background, Skykick is a rapidly growing US company that provides global cloud management software for IT service providers. Sky is a household name which provides…
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tik tok

TikTok, the new Napster?

A reminder that the music industry is constantly evolving, and that you need to keep up! Remember House Party, the app which was supposed to be the ultimate lockdown app? Neither do I – It’s all about TikTok now. With its obnoxious user-made content filtering into other, more familiar social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the vertically filmed choreographed dances and entertainingly pointless “challenges” the app…
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Preparing for the new normal – COVID-19 and IP

As this global crisis changes from a short to a long term-issue businesses are starting to prepare for the new normal. For some, this may involve quite a major pivot in their product offering or target consumer. Whilst the ability to change and adapt to a new market is the essence of good business, it’s important to make sure that your IP protection does not get left behind. New products will mean new IP, if…
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Intellectual Property Sharing in the face of pandemic

A number of businesses, universities and scientists are changing their approach to the intellectual property rights management in a concerted effort to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Traditionally intellectual property rights grant their owners a monopoly over exploitation of their creations (be it patented inventions, designs, software or other copyright protected materials) to incentivise innovation and commercially reward them for their investment in the research and development. However, the world is currently facing an unprecedented global…
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The death of the Copyright Directive in the UK. Who will honour its memory and strive for better rights for creatives

About this time last year there were still pages of daily newsprint warning about the dire consequences that would befall our United Kingdom if we left the European Union without a deal. For those not suffering from Brexit fatigue you could be reminded that the sky may suddenly be devoid of planes, panic buying would ensue and we would be poorer, indeed far far poorer for generations. It occurred to me that all these things…
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IP & Commercial Work Out

As the lockdown continues many of us are finding new and creative ways to get fit, whether it’s our one outing a day or jumping up and down in the sitting room, a bit of exercise can work wonders on both our mental and physical health. The same is true for your business, even if it’s going through a slow period, now is the time to put it through its paces, look at what can…
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Harry and Meghan

Have Harry and Megan messed up again? Is Archewell properly protected against opportunists?

Have Megan  and Harry messed up again? No, I am not talking about the reported disintegrating relations with the Royal Family or taking trips on private jets while lecturing us all about climate change.  This is a blog about all things intellectual property. I am talking about their latest foray into the world of brand protection as the Sussexes continue their quest to establish their raison d’être. In particular I am asking whether their advisors have made…
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The Changing Face of Intellectual Property. Designer forgoes intellectual property rights to help fight virus

Last month I looked at whether in times of global crisis the attitude on how we share intellectual property may change. I reflected that ‘big pharma’ may see fit to co-operate with each other and government agencies to speed the development and deployment of an affordable vaccine for Covid-19. Since then I have been on the hunt for examples of those who are prepared to take a longer view on the protection and gainful exploitation of their inventions to bring some…
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