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Freedom: Just another word for nothing left to lose

I really love the Janis Joplin’s recording of ‘Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’, but last week it was one of those tunes that I just couldn’t get out of my head as I sat down to contemplate the knotty matter of the shape of free trade agreements after Brexit.

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Contracts and the B word

The UK is going to be leaving the EU on 29 March 2019 which will affect businesses in a number of different ways. Businesses most likely to notice a change are those who have some sort of trade in the EU. These businesses will be parties to contracts with clients or suppliers in the EU and it is these contracts that I discuss here.

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Take Cover: What to do in the event of a No Deal Brexit

On September 24th the UK IPO updated its publication on IP and Brexit: The facts, to advise on the position in the event of a no deal or ‘hard’ Brexit. It brought to mind the 1980 government leaflet on How To Survive a Nuclear Attack. It is written in the same matter of fact jaunty style.

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BriffaWay - A tale of how we retain our sense of humour after Brexit, no matter what!

After the vote to leave the EU a parody came out in which the Roman achievements were exchanged for EU achievements including winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for contributing to the advancement of peace and reconciliation democracy and human rights in Europe for over 6 decades.

In the light of all that it seems apt to ask therefore as we continue our Brexit journey ‘What has EU ever done for IP?’ In this first piece as we are on the subject I’ll start with a look at the law of parody, caricature and pastiche as an exception to the rules of copyright.

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BriffaWay - What has the EU ever done for Intellectual Property?

Over the coming months as the fog on what the position will be after Brexit hopefully begins to lift we will look at life after Brexit while we ask ‘What has the EU ever done for Intellectual Property ?… Read on and watch this space.

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UK - Intention for post-Brexit EU Trade Marks and Designs to be granted automatically and free of cost

In a recent House of Commons debate on 19 July 2018, Robin Walker MP for Worcester and Undersecretary of State for the Department for Exiting the European Union, was asked the following question from the House “What steps are being taken to ensure that intellectual property rights in the creative sector are being maintained..”

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