When to Rebrand – It’s Not for Evri-one

Written by Cassine Bering | September 29, 2022

Intellectual Property

You may have noticed a new player in the parcel game, Evri. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere, being listed as a key courier for most well-known retailers seemingly overnight. However, Evri is not a new player in the game nor an overnight success. It is in fact the new and improved Hermes … or at least a rebranded Hermes.

Rewind a few years and Hermes’ reputation was nose diving at speed. Customers were ridiculing it, sharing their negative experiences online and slating it on social media. Hermes became a joke on Twitter and its nail in the coffin came when comedian Joe Lycett mocked its poor services and bad practices on his show – Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back. The reputational damage seemed irreparable.

Not long after, Hermes rebranded. The owners kept their company name Hermes Parcelnet Limited but purchased the trade mark ‘Evri’. The mark now appears across all of their customer facing correspondence, marketing and packaging.

Why Rebrand?

A brand is its reputation. They are one and the same thing.

Over time most brands build a positive reputation for something they do. They become known and established for the work they do and goodwill gets attached to their name. For this reason, it is not common for established brands to change their name. Rebranding puts at risk the positive reputation that customers associate with them.

However, for Hermes its reputation was beyond repair. It had an enormous trail of negative press and customers were actively avoiding the brand. Hermes needed to do something drastic to encourage them back.

Should You Rebrand?

A rebrand won’t tackle the root cause of a bad reputation but if a business has truly changed its ways, it can win it one last chance. In Hermes’ case, the vast majority of consumers didn’t even realise Evri was Hermes, allowing the brand to circumvent the preconceived opinions of its client base and regain their custom.

If you’re considering a rebrand why not get in touch with our expert trade mark lawyers. We can discuss your options as well as help you weigh up the value in your business and whether a rebrand would be appropriate in your circumstances.

Written by Cassine Bering – Solicitor

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