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Written by | September 30, 2021

Intellectual Property

You may have noticed that Britney Spears’ name is popping up in the news quite a bit in recent times due to family issues, let alone the recent release of multiple documentaries.

Spears has been subject to a conservatorship, which is granted by a court for individuals who are unable to make their own decisions (for example, due to mental health issues). Spears’ conservatorship has two elements, one for her financial affairs and estate and the other for her as an individual. This means that she has not controlled her finances for a whopping 12+ years.

Spears’ father initially had the reigns over both parts of her conservatorship but he stepped down in 2019 and was replaced temporarily by a care professional.

This summer Spears accused her father of holding her in a mental health facility against her will as well as making her use medication and birth control to stop her getting pregnant. In an emotional testimony given in court, she said “I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive” and that she just wanted her life back. From the sound of it, Spears has suffered a lot of personal trauma behind the scenes.

All the better for Spears then as a judge has suspended her father from the conservatorship that effectively gave him control over her life amidst accusations of abuse spanning a number of years.

The judge formally ended the conservatorship but left in place a separate conservatorship with an accountant elected by Spears’ legal team. Her lawyers are also seeking a new hearing to decide whether to call it a day with the conservatorship altogether.

Hopefully this is the beginning of brighter days for the singer who has been going through some tough times.

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