Christmas Surfing Party!

Written by Margaret Briffa | December 20, 2016

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Christmas Surfing Party!

I can’t help feelings of delight as soon as I see see decorations going up in shop windows along Upper Street. As the days get shorter, our little world starts sparkling and the magic begins. This year we opened the celebrations in our work community with a Mistletoe Party for all at the Business Design Centre. What fun we had. The buzz it created still lingers.

Christmas is a family time and our work family here at Briffa also makes a special effort to celebrate each other and be in peace and harmony with each other. By keeping the Christmas spirit in our office by the time the holiday comes we are well and truly ready and able to extend good vibes to those closest to us and anyone else who needs our help and support as we move to celebrate the start of another year.


By Margaret Briffa

Photographs by our Artist in Residence – Duncan Raban

Briffa Christmas surfing party Briffa Christmas surfing party Briffa Christmas surfing party Briffa Christmas surfing party Briffa Christmas surfing party  Briffa Christmas surfing party Margaret Briffa and Team - Briffa Christmas surfing party

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