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October 24, 2017

Intellectual Property

Some Literary Gents the other day did meet

All in a private chamber, which looks on Garrick Street;

There did they meet together, and solemnly they swore

That as they had been done enough they would be done no more…

The Society of Authors have been supporting authors since 1884 – impressive! Fostered through a shared love of copyright (*sigh*) and a keen focus on protecting individuals’ rights, Briffa have been delighted to have had a longstanding relationship with the trade union and supported many of its members.

Aside from offering its members some juicy discounts and professional support, the Society of Authors has had a key part in fighting for authors’ rights and supporting their commercial interests. Importantly, they helped to secure remuneration for book rentals in the 1970s and more recently securing an extension to eBooks with the 2017 Digital Economy Act.

They have a volume of helpful guides on practical topics such as legal problems, accountancy and personal development, available to members and non. There is also a contract review service, events, grants, workshops, fee guides, career support…we could write a book on them, but we will leave that to the professionals.


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