Briffa Way – “Better Meet Margaret” before you hit IP obstacles!

Written by Margaret Briffa | January 31, 2017

Intellectual Property

My favourite TV lawyer has to be Bob Odenkirk who plays Jimmy McGill in Breaking Bad prequel ‘Better Call Saul’. In his own series we find out that he is so much more than an adventurous dresser with a highly unusual relationship with the law. He is a witty and complex character juggling the demands of work with trying to win approval of family and friends. The lingering image of the first session is when in an effort to build his own identity he commissions a billboard with his image and phone number on and then rescues from almost certain death a man who is sent up by his old firm to rip it down. By the time we meet him in Breaking Bad he has changed his name to Saul Goodman and the billboards now shout out ‘Better Call Saul’. In Saul’s world ideal clients are ones that have found themselves in quite a lot of bother and need Saul to get them out of it. In Briffa World we want to hear from you before you hit obstacles. Many folk we meet say they intend to get a lawyer when they are successful. We say you need to work with Briffa to make sure you are successful and the perception that legal service are only for business enjoying success is wrong.  In other words it’s never too early to take good legal advice – but sometimes it can be too late. If Briffa was to commission a billboard US style we would shout out ‘BEFORE YOU MAKE A WRONG MOV E- MAKE THE RIGHT CALL’ or to put it more simply ‘BETTER MEET MARGARET’.


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