Briffa Celebrates – The Meringue Girls – two friends and thousands of meringue ‘kisses’

Written by Margaret Briffa | February 21, 2017

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We really love everything about the Meringue Girls – the girl power bakers who have taken the world of meringue by storm since starting out in 2012. The girls, Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman who hit it off working in the sweaty male dominated kitchen at Hackney Picture House are great friends as well as great business partners. Frankly, they need to be to keep up with demand for their meringues and their growing business. Their bakery in E8 creates on average 8,000 meringues, 200 brownies and 25 cakes a week. And in addition there are the weekly bake classes and all the bespoke food stylist work they do for an A list of clients. When we caught up with the Meringue Girls at our offices they were all systems go. It is a true achievement that the Meringue Girls have got to where they are in so short a time. Personally I love the way that they have thrived at a time when the sugar police are doing all they can to give sugar a bad name. It shows just how a business that fills a niche, produces the most glorious looking treats and run by two engaging personalities with a talent for both baking and business can grow very quickly. We look forward to working with the Meringue Girls as they go continue to innovate and grow as their story is truly inspirational. If you are interested in trying to create some of their very special meringues at home I can recommend their book Recipes from Meringue Girls: Everything Sweet – a perfect project for your next free Saturday afternoon!


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