Briffa Celebrates – Lynx Golf – Ambition certainly was Unleashed!

Written by Margaret Briffa | June 13, 2017

Intellectual Property

New opportunities. New skills. Recently I was lucky enough to have been the guest of our client Lynx Golf who were sponsors of the SEE Women’s Invitational Day. Up to now my only experience of golf was of the crazy kind, formerly confined to seaside towns but now becoming more fashionable and accessible following establishment of several venues around town. None of those places however have a spot on taking a swing on a course set within beautiful Richmond Deer Park. Lynx have a great reputation for making exceptional golfing equipment and thankfully for all levels of player. Having started the afternoon with little understanding of the various tools of the game I came away knowing a fair bit about Lynx’s product line and golf equipment generally. Marching across the course to the putting green to start our session I had no preconception of how things would pan out. To start with the focus had to be on not losing any of the various essentials of the game that myself and my fellow trainees had been dispatched with including gloves, clubs, tees, balls and umbrella. Now I see the use for those wheelie bags and even the buggies for a time when the equipment demands have really escalated. On the green we were allowed to get down to moving the ball small distances to the hole without worrying about how we were doing that. After calling to order we learnt more about technique before being whisked further away from the hole by progressive and sometimes quite huge leaps ending up some considerable distance from the target. What started out very gently and not too challenging became progressively much more difficult. Indeed I would say impossible but for the fact I know it is not. I stressed a fair bit that I would be caught mashing the grass up in an effort to get my ball to fly, but was reassured taking a chunk of turf out was tolerated. Strangely the harder it got the more fun I found it and came away even considering having another go in the not too distant future. Back at my desk I looked into the history and found the first mention of Golf in a Parliamentary Act was in 1456 when James II of Scotland banned the game outright along with football on account of the time it took up which could be spent practising archery which was deemed an essential skill for the war against England. Ironically one of the first recorded women golfers is Mary Queen of Scots who played golf as a distraction from tensions of the state. I checked the sketches available on line for proof. Mary, you would not believe what you can buy these days for the game at Lynx Golf!!

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