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Eye lashes

Another 6 Lashes – Tiffany & Co block beautician’s application for ‘Cotswold lashes by Tiffany’

Way back in October 2018 we reported on the plight of Tiffany Palmer a Gloucester beautician who had applied for the trade mark ‘Cotswold Lashes by Tiffany’ for her salon only to receive a cease and desist letter from Tiffany the jeweller. Under the heading ‘6 Lashes for overbearing jeweller’ I said we thought the actions of the jeweller overbearing and that while Tiffany had a legitimate interest in protecting its brand, there was little…
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Intellectual property in a changed world

Will the current crisis bring about lasting change to the way in which we use Intellectual Property? We look at the areas where a little bit of altruism may go a long way. In a race against time to find a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus the traditional wisdom of how to manage intellectual property may change. Intellectual Property Rights are monopolistic and selfish creatures. They operate on the basis that to ensure innovation a…
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IP Rights and Contracts after 1 January 2021. Time to Prepare

The UK left the EU on 31st January 2020. We are now in a transition period and for most businesses things will look and be the same as they have been. But don’t relax just yet. Just when you thought it was safe to take a step back from the turmoil of the last year we are encouraging business to start planning now for the new legal landscape that will apply from 1 January 2021.…
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toy yoda

Disney brings Christmas Cheer

Readers of my blog will know that one of my pet subjects is the extent to which big business responds to infringements. Often I have called out what I see as a disproportionate response to possible infringement by a small company who may have acted innocently. At times action has been taken by big business against a small company who are not infringing but who big business wants to scare off the outer perimeters of…
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Bake off

The Great British Bake Off Parody Conundrum

While viewing figures for the last run of the Great British Bake Off are reportedly down the program is well ingrained in the country’s popular culture. There is even a Junior GBBO presumably intended to capture some of the magic and viewers the adult show is losing. With such success comes opportunity for the owners of the rights in the program to choose the direction of further exploitation and spin off and ultimately make more…
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Victoria Beckham sued for copyright infringement. Is there not a better way?

Even celebrities could benefit from some basic intellectual property law knowledge. We have previously reported on the claim against GiGi Hadid regarding a photograph she used of herself without securing the permission of the copyright owning photographer. The case received widespread attention and comment and one might have expected celebrities or if not celebrities their PR and social media teams to take note. Namely that you don’t have the right to publish any photograph of…
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The dangers of using look-a-likes in your ads – Ariana Grande sues Forever 21

If you ask a celebrity to endorse your products and they turn you down, you can’t get over your disappointment by simply engaging a look-a-like model to do the job. This point is I suspect about to be rammed home in a court of law in Los Angeles where Ariana Grande has sued Forever 21 for posting at least 30 unauthorised images and videos across its website and social media platforms using her name, likeness…
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Charlotte Tilbury successful in copyright action against Aldi. Is it enough to make Aldi blush?

Some months ago, I read an article in a money magazine headed ‘Are Aldi’s ‘copycat brands good value for money?’. The piece went on to review 10 products across a diverse range of products including food detergents and make-up. The rating given to the various ‘copycat’ items varied but for most the reviews were positive, identified differences and where the copy product was not as good as the original but largely went on the say…
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After a trade mark battle, Scottish Lingerie gets its own Fashion Week

If asked to guess what might be on offer at ‘Highland Fashion Week’ I would almost certainly have expected fashion with a heavy tartan influence. In fact Grace Hay the owner boutique store Grace Lily Lingerie in Nairn, East of Inverness Scotland was planning a community event to showcase the finest lingerie the area has to offer. Not much tartan in evidence from the pictures online but that, oddly enough is not the issue in…
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It’s boohoo at Boohoo as creative sues for £118.5 million

We have said it before but it is worth repeating, get it in writing! Why? Because time and time again we are consulted by those who have contributed creative work unpaid to a start-up business with the promise of a reward of some kind which then does not materialise. This week this same story has hit the papers again. Boohoo, the online fashion retailer that has seen a surge in revenue and profits is being sued…
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