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Game of Stones

Game of Stones v Game of Thrones: brewer’s victory in epic trade mark battle

Wadworth Brewery has been crowned the victor in a recent, Game-of-Thrones-inspired, trade mark battle against the infamous US television network, HBO. The Wiltshire-based brewery, founded in 1875, launched its ‘Game of Stones’ pale ale in August last year. With a view to protecting the brand, Wadworth filed a UK trade mark application for the below mark, seeking to protect it in connection with various types of “beers”: The application was examined by the UK Intellectual…
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Veja trainers in white

Primark threatened over legal action over ‘fake’ Veja trainers

Primark has been threatened with legal action after producing a ‘copycat’ version of Veja’s popular trainers. This is not the first time that Primark have been threatened by a footwear brand for selling ‘counterfeit’ trainers. Last year, Vans had filed a law suit in the US against Primark for allegedly copying the designs of their two iconic skater trainers. The French label, Veja is a popular choice for fashion bloggers, celebrities and influencers as one…
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Iceland wins EU trade mark battle against UK-based supermarket

In 2014 Supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd secured an EU trade mark for ICELAND, much to the frustration of the Government of Iceland, who’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs challenged the supermarket’s trade mark claiming it hinders companies in Iceland from trading using their country’s name or registering their products with reference to their country of origin. Since the food chain was granted the trade mark there has been a long-running dispute between the Icelandic Government…
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Trade Mark

Trade Mark Trials and Tribulations

We are often asked whether trade marks are a worthwhile investment by prospective clients. The answer for the majority of clients is undoubtedly yes: whilst securing one does involve some small initial outlay, this is minimal in comparison to a number of other intellectual property rights and particularly so for those such as patents. In addition, trade marks are a key asset for any brand: they are the only way to record the intangible ‘good…
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women in fashion dress

Use it or lose it – a little known fact about trade mark protection

So you’ve gone through the process of selecting the perfect brand name, instructing brilliant IP solicitors (you know who I’m talking about) getting through the opposition period and, finally, securing a trade mark registration. You sit back and marvel at the beauty of your trade mark certificate safe in the knowledge that you have secured a valuable monopoly which doesn’t need to be renewed for another 10 years (and can effectively be renewed indefinitely)… feeling…
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Rock band sued for over-use of llamas

Yes, you read that right. The American rock band Fall Out Boy are being sued by puppet maker Furry Puppet Studio for the excessive use of, well, llamas. The puppet maker was commissioned to create two llama puppets to feature in the band’s video Young and Menace. The llamas proved so popular that the band began using them as props on stage during live shows, on merchandise, and various other content created by the band.…
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Movie projector - patents

Should I patent my invention?

Some handy hints for Tech Start-Ups and others. The great writer Charles Dickens covered almost every aspect of life including the patent process in his reprinted piece ‘A Poor Man’s Tale of a Patent’. In this short story Dickens tells the tale of John who travels from Birmingham to lodge in London and file his patent. After six weeks of unfathomable bureaucracy and cost he writes ‘I was quite worn out both in patience and…
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A fruity copyright tale

What has copyright got to do with a banana costume? Every now and then an intellectual property story comes along that so grabs your attention that for a brief moment your mind completely forgets about the B word (yes Brexit). Today it was news that the copyright claim made by Rasta Imposta Costumes against Kangaroo Manufacturing has had another airing, this time in the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. In this court…
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Peppa Pig

This little piggy went …

Wee wee wee … all the way to the General Court of the European Union. In 2016, the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) found that the Peppa Pig logo and the Tobbia logo (both below) were not confusingly similar trade marks and, therefore, that the Tobbia trade mark should not be cancelled on the basis that the Peppa Pig trade mark had been filed earlier. In 2017, the decision of the EUIPO was appealed by…
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AI Code

AI – Round 2!!

Following on from the hot topic of AI and ownership in my last blog, here we look at Warner Music (Warner) who recently signed a bundle of code generated by AI to create 20 new albums with a tech company based in Berlin, which will be released throughout 2019. Warner is an American multinational record firm that have signed artists such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Madonna and many more! The latest to be signed by…
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