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GiGi Ha-Did It Again!

The international super model and global influencer Gigi Hadid is being sued for copyright infringement as a result of an image she posted on her Instagram feed … of herself! Hadid, for those of you not so au fait with the “Instafamous” has 45 million followers on Instagram and is part of the current breed of model cum celebrity offspring currently dominating the fashion industry (others include Kendall Jenner, Cara Delavigne and Kaia Gerber). She…
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Freelancer working from home

Employees vs Freelancers – important advice for all concerned!

In the growing gig economy more and more businesses are using freelancers to undertake work traditionally done by employees. In fact, more and more potential employees are opting to be their own boss and work exclusively as a freelancer. Whilst this is often good news for both parties it’s important to understand the differences in the legal relationship. Before we get too carried away, you’ll be pleased to hear that this is not a blog…
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Little Chef says beat it

Yes, you butter believe it, Little Chef, the former chain of roadside restaurants, has taken off its (oven) gloves in a trade mark battle in the culinary world. The challenger: A charity recipe book. The outcome: Battered dreams. Little Chef was once a big dill in the world of roadside cuisine with a chain of restaurants offering sustenance (and, for some more importantly, toilet facilities) for weary travellers for over 50 years. However, 2018 saw…
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Car industry repair garage

How IP and copyright can affect your business, regardless of what industry you are in

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that Intellectual Property Law is not something which directly concerns them. You would usually associate IP with the creative industries such as music, fashion, art, film etc. or life sciences and technology. However, IP considerations find their way into nearly every industry – and especially in cases where someone’s IP has been infringed. One such industry in which you would not expect to deal with too many claims…
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GDPR Fine-O-Meter Rockets after Google Ruling

The GDPR Fine-O-Meter has rocketed with news that the French authorities have fined Google 50 Million Euros for data breaches under the GDPR. Introduced in May 2018, the regulations which apply EU wide give individuals more control over their data than previously, with businesses needing to seek consent for specific uses. As well as imposing stricter rules for handling data the regulations allow the regulatory authority in any member state to impose seriously painful fines…
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Conor McGregor applies for trade mark

Conor McGregor vs Trade Marks

Conor McGregor, the former Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) in the featherweight and lightweight divisions, is having yet another dispute trying to register a trade mark in the EU. McGregor is well known for his high profile mixed martial arts fights and his persona in letting everyone know “he is the best at what he does,” whether that’s his fighting styles and skills or entrepreneurial skills. McGregor has been challenged on a number of his trade…
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Rihanna off to court again

Rihanna is making trade mark news again. In 2015 she took Topshop to Court over the use of her image on a T-shirt. Topshop owned the image they had used but their marketing campaign suggested a commercial tie and endorsement which did not exist. Rihanna’s claim was that TopShop were unfairly exploiting her image, so causing her damage. Rihanna was successful and TopShop were ordered to stop selling the T-shirt and pay Rihanna damages and…
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McDonalds gets served a McKnuckle Sandwich by Supermac’s!

An unlikely warrior Cú Chulainn, Conor McGregor, Katie Taylor … Ireland is known for its fearless warriors. Well, they can all step aside for the newest champion: Supermac’s. Humble beginnings Supermac’s was born in Ireland a couple of recessions ago. When the company first started trading in the late 1970s, it was small and had no formal advertising. It relied on word-of-mouth advertising to get the brand out there. Taxi drivers in Galway were the…
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Image of several bees

Worker bees in demand

Cycling in London can be a hair raising experience at times. All respect to Manchester City Council who last summer announced plans to create the largest cycling network in the country with 1,000 miles of routes including segregated cycle lanes. Manchester Council planned to call the scheme Beeline. The worker bee being an important City’s emblems and can be seen throughout the City, but its plans immediately ran into trouble with a London based company,…
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Vans sue Primark for selling ‘copies’ of its trainers

We all love a good pair of Vans as a staple item in our trainer collection don’t we?! Well, global shoe manufacturer Vans have issued proceedings against Primark in the US for allegedly copying the design of two of their most iconic skateboard trainers. The two designs are the Vans Old Skool trainers and the Vans Sk8-Hi trainer, which both feature the brand’s trade mark ‘side stripe’. Vans claim that they have been using this…
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