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Under Irish law, certain brand assets can be registered as trade marks to protect their usage. Registration lasts indefinitely as long as the individual or company that owns the trade mark renews the registration every ten years. Otherwise, it’ll expire, and the exclusive intellectual property rights associated with the mark will be lost. Not everything can be registered as a trade mark though. Generally, it’s restricted to words, logos, colours, designs and shapes that help distinguish the provider of a good or service from another in the same category.

If your assets meet the criteria, then there are considerable benefits to registering:

  • Firstly, it prevents others from using or registering similar marks for similar products or services. A trade mark owner can launch infringement proceedings against those using similar marks.
  • Second, a registered trade mark can be licensed by the owners to third parties, providing an alternative means of monetising a brand’s intellectual property.
  • And finally, registered trade marks can become critical assets, given the goodwill and reputation attached to an individual or company’s brand. Therefore, trade marks can hold a substantial amount of intangible value, which is highly beneficial if you’re looking to sell your company or gain investment.

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Trade Mark Registration

If you want to register a trade mark in Ireland, you’ll need to file an application with the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland (IPOI). If you want broader trade mark protection, you may want to register with the IP office in the European Union (EUIPO) and other jurisdictions, too.

Either way, first, you’ll need to check no one else has registered similar marks already. We can help you complete a search of the register and provide advice on what to do if there is a competing mark. If there are no issues, we can then guide you through the trade mark registration process.

Trade Mark Opposition

After you’ve submitted an application and it’s accepted by the IPOI, it’ll then be published in a public journal. Other parties then have three months to file an opposition to your registration, if they believe the mark infringes upon their own mark.

If your application is opposed, we can communicate with the opposing party and try to find a way of resolving the issue without heading to official proceedings.

Or, if you feel a recent application infringes your intellectual property rights and you wish to submit a trade mark opposition, we’ll review your case and advise on the best course of action.

Trade Mark Infringement

If you find evidence of unauthorised use of your mark or a similar mark by another party, we can help you launch a trade mark infringement claim and win appropriate compensation.

After all, given all the effort you put into building your brand and building up a positive reputation, it’s vital you enforce your rights and protect the brand.

Alternatively, perhaps you’ve received a cease and desist letter for trade mark infringement, and you need legal support. Our trade mark lawyers have helped thousands of individuals and companies successfully defend against claims.

Trade Mark Searching & Watching

Before submitting a trade mark application, it’s important to check what’s already registered. We can carry out detailed clearance searches both in Ireland and overseas with subsequent advice on any potential blocking marks.

Once your application has been registered, we can set up a “watching” service. This will automatically notify us of similar pending applications, allowing you to oppose similar trade marks before they reach the registration stage.


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Mark Eiffe leads our Irish operations. With a background working as the in-house legal counsel for multinationals operating in Ireland, Mark can provide tailored, sensible advice on legal issues relating to trademark applications and infringements, passing off disputes, and licensing.

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What can I trade mark in Ireland?

There are rules that govern the eligibility of a potential trade mark in Ireland, which are covered in the Trade Mark Act of 1996.

In short, a trade mark can be a word, phrase, logo, colour, shape, or even a sound associated with your brand, so long as it can be easily conveyed to the public exactly what you are registering.

Find out more about what you can and cannot register as a trade mark in Ireland.

How can I register a trade mark in Ireland?

Registering a trade mark with the Intellectual Property Office in Ireland is a six-step process, which includes: performing clearance searches, filing an application, review of the application by the IPOI, publication in a public journal and dealing with oppositions (if any), full registration, and then renewal every ten years.

Learn more about registering a trade mark in Ireland.

Should I trade mark my business name?

We highly recommend that companies in Ireland register their brand name as a trade mark if the name is eligible and available. This means the name is protected and you have exclusive rights to use that name for your products and services, stopping any copycat attempts.

If you’re trading internationally, you may want to register your business name abroad too, such as with the EU to cover all member states.

Find out more about registering your business name as a trade mark.

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