IP myth: Companies House registration protects your brand

Written by Anastasia Troshkova | September 28, 2020

Trade Marks

It is a common misunderstanding to think that registering a company name at Companies House will provide you with a right to use it in trade and to stop others from using the same name.

In fact, Companies House and the UK trade mark register are in no way connected; the fact that Companies House allowed registration of your company name does not mean that you will be able to also register it as a trade mark, or even actually use it for your goods or services.

If there is an identical/similar trade mark already registered at the UK Intellectual Property Office for the identical/similar goods or services, you might be at risk of infringing such earlier mark – and your company’s name registration may be found to be in infringement of the pre-existing trade mark if you use it in trade. This can be an expensive mistake if you are forced to re-brand, change your website, packaging of your goods, marketing materials, etc.

You should also bear in mind that Companies House registration will not allow you to stop third parties from using a similar name – in fact, third parties will only be prevented from registering exactly the same name, but they will be able to register any variation thereof – or even register a trade mark for your company name and use it in trade.

We would therefore recommend conducting a trade mark search before registering a company name – and if the name is available, you should apply to register a trade mark asap – before someone beat you to it – to ensure that you have a right to use it and stop third parties from using the same or confusingly similar name in relation to the same/similar goods/services.

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Written by Anastasia Troshkova, Solicitor

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