Hermès takes action against NFTs

Written by | June 27, 2023

Trade Marks

Hermès recently secured a significant trade mark victory in the United States, which serves as a reminder of the importance of trade mark protection for businesses worldwide. Although the case took place in a US court, its lessons are applicable to trade mark owners operating under UK law and beyond. The dispute involved the alleged infringement of Hermès registered trade mark for Birkin Handbags by Mason Rothschild given their sale of the MetaBirkins Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

The Relevance of Trade Marks in NFTs 

Trade marks, once predominantly associated with physical goods and services, are now gaining relevance in the rapidly evolving world of non-fungible tokens. NFTs are unique digital assets recorded on blockchain technology. As NFTs gain popularity across various industries, including art, collectibles, and virtual assets, trade mark protection becomes crucial in establishing and safeguarding brand identities in the digital realm. 

NFTs and Brand Identity 

In the realm of NFTs, trade mark owners face new challenges and opportunities. Establishing and protecting brand identity in the digital space is vital for preventing unauthorized use or confusion regarding the source of NFTs associated with a particular brand. Trade marks play a pivotal role in enabling brand owners to assert their rights, maintain control over their brand’s digital presence, and build trust among consumers in the authenticity and quality of NFTs associated with their brands. 

Enforcing Trade Mark Rights in NFTs 

This case further demonstrates that trade mark owners should be vigilant in monitoring NFT marketplaces to identify any unauthorized use or infringement of their trade marks. In case of infringement, enforcing trade mark rights can involve sending cease and desist notices, pursuing takedown requests, or taking legal action when necessary. By protecting their trade marks in the NFT space, brand owners can maintain their brand’s reputation and prevent consumer confusion or dilution of their valuable intellectual property. 

Consulting Briffa 

Given the evolving landscape of NFTs and their connection to trade mark rights, consulting Briffa can be helpful if you are seeking to navigate the complexities of trade mark protection in the digital realm. We can assist with trademark registration, monitoring, enforcement, and providing guidance on the best practices for safeguarding brand identities in the NFT space. 


HERMÈS’s trade mark victory serves as a valuable lesson for trademark owners, emphasizing the importance of proactive trade mark protection and enforcement. Furthermore, with the rise of NFTs and their impact on brand identity, trade marks are becoming increasingly relevant in the digital landscape. At Briffa, we understand the evolving challenges in trade mark protection, including in the realm of NFTs, and are here to provide expert guidance and support to clients seeking to navigate trade mark law and protect valuable intellectual property assets. 

 If you would like to discuss how you can protect your trade mark then do contact us on info@briffa.com. 

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