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Written by | November 12, 2019

Trade Marks

Drake, Canada’s biggest export since Shania Twain and maple syrup, is trying to trade mark his home country’s cannabis warning label in the United States.

Dream Crew, a co-venture between the rapper and Adel Future Nur, has teamed up with Ontario-based Canopy Growth to launch a cannabis wellness company called More Life Growth Co. Dream Crew has now filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a red stop sign showing a cannabis leaf and the letters ‘THC’ – the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

However, the problem for Drake (or should I say Aubrey as he is really called) is that the image seems to be the exact same one that Health Canada, the government department that oversees public health and the cannabis industry in the world’s second largest country, requires as a warning label on all recreational cannabis products that have THC in them.

Health Canada has stepped up and let everyone know that the image is “protected by Crown copyright and is intended to be used for public health and safety purposes only, not for private commercial means”. They went on to say publicly that it can be an infringement of Crown copyright to reproduce the image for commercial purposes without first getting permission from the copyright owner. Shots fired.

Drake wants to use the image for various clothing, including shoes, hats and suits. However, as things stand it looks like he might be stopped in his tracks. Personally, I feel that this sort of activity should be reserved for Snoop Dogg but there we are.

Drake, through his Dream Crew business has filed several other trade marks in the US relating to cannabis. Looks to me like he is diversifying his portfolio. It is crazy to think how popular the singer/rapper has become since his days as a youngster on Degrassi: The Next Generation (if you’ve never heard of it then have a look on Google Images, it’s worth it).

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Written by Alex Fewtrell, Solicitor.

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