Don’t like Mondays – it could be worse

Written by Margaret Briffa | October 21, 2016


Sir Bob Geldof has faced worse blows of course but he can now add ‘being sued for millions by former band mate’ to the list. Johnnie Moylett (aka Johnnie Fingers) claims to be the actual composer of the music ‘I don’t like Mondays but says he was pressured into not taking credit at the time by Sir Bob.

The hit record from 1979 was written after a school shooting in which the attacker 16 year old Brenda Spencer was reported to have explained her actions by the words ‘I don’t like Mondays’. The attack which killed her head teacher and school caretaker and injured children took place during the bands tour of the US.

It seems that the dispute has been rumbling on for some time with Fingers first writing to Geldof on the subject in 2004. Fingers claimed that although he was pressured not to stake a claim to composer, Geldof assured him that he would receive his ’fair share’. This writer expects the cross examination of Bob and Fingers on that or those conversations to be illuminating and at the very heart of the High Court trial.

Briffa advises on all aspects of copyright and while we can help you sort disputes we are also good at helping you stop them coming up in the first place.

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