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LEGOLAND or LEGNOLAND – where would you rather go?

For those of you who speak Italian, you will undoubtedly know that LEGNOLAND means “land of wood”. Whilst LEGOLAND doesn’t necessarily mean “land of plastic”, it’s not far off. So, on that basis, I think I’ll stick to the woods. However, the EU Intellectual Property Office (“EUIPO”) recently decided that the average consumer when seeing the mark LEGNOLAND wouldn’t think of campfires, tents and roasted marshmallows and would instead be ushering their kids into the…
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trade mark

Word or logo? Choosing the perfect trade mark application

In these strange times we’re used to big questions and the controversy that accompany them, lift lockdown or don’t lift lockdown? 1 meter or 2? Mask or no mask? Stand outside the newly opened pub or go inside? You know, big stuff. But the biggest question in the mind of a potential trade mark applicant is whether to file a word mark or a logo. Now of course it’s worth nothing from the outset that…
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Help, I’ve just received a cease and desist letter!

As intellectual property lawyers we spend much of our time either sending or responding to “cease and desist” letters. These letters are the first step in an IP claim and are essentially designed to set out the rights of the aggrieved party along with the various “remedies” which they are seeking to obtain. Typically the scenario is as follows, Party A owns some IP, such as a trade mark, a design, a patent or a…
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Preparing for the new normal – COVID-19 and IP

As this global crisis changes from a short to a long term-issue businesses are starting to prepare for the new normal. For some, this may involve quite a major pivot in their product offering or target consumer. Whilst the ability to change and adapt to a new market is the essence of good business, it’s important to make sure that your IP protection does not get left behind. New products will mean new IP, if…
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IP & Commercial Work Out

As the lockdown continues many of us are finding new and creative ways to get fit, whether it’s our one outing a day or jumping up and down in the sitting room, a bit of exercise can work wonders on both our mental and physical health. The same is true for your business, even if it’s going through a slow period, now is the time to put it through its paces, look at what can…
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Working from home – top tips for the lockdown

Whilst the world adapts to a new normal many of us are trying to get accustomed to working from home. WFH used to be a bit of a perk, now it’s an obligation, so we all need to work out how to do it effectively and, unfortunately, for a long period. So here are my top tips to get you through the coming weeks and months… Get tech savy As the old saying goes, it’s…
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Copyright and copy… wrong

An often overlooked fact about copyright is that it’s all down to good admin. I know admin might not be the most exciting thing to read about but give it a chance. Copyright differs from rights like trade marks or patents because it is not registered (at least in the UK and Europe). This is actually a huge advantage because it means that you can own it for free and you don’t need to go…
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Harry and Meghan

Trade mark oppositions – advice for Harry & Meghan

You may have noticed a passing mention on the news recently that Harry (AKA Prince Harry) and Meghan (AKA that actress from Suits) have recently resigned from royal duties in favour of a life of financial independence. Like all sensible start-ups they have decided to register their brand SUSSEX ROYAL as a trade mark. However this has attracted a bit of attention and, with it, a few trade mark oppositions. So, what to do, well…
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Electioneering and copyright infringement

In the olden days parties campaigned by knocking on doors, holding rallies and sending endless bits of paper to voters. But, what this latest election has shown us, apart from the fact that people seem pretty keen to get Brexit done, is that social media is the new median to reach voters. Whilst this may seem fine in theory, and certainly friendlier to the planet, it does have some problems. Most notably the ease by…
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