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food and drink

How can I protect my IP within the food and drink industry?

Protecting your Intellectual Property Rights in the food and drinks industry is crucial. The market is very competitive and it is important that your products stand out in the crowd. How else can you convince a consumer, who has never tasted your product, to purchase your goods over a competitors? Your enticing brand name, your unique recipe or your beautiful packaging are all factors that are hugely valuable and are worth protecting. So, with that…
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Liverpool FC fail to trade mark ‘Liverpool’

Liverpool Football Club have failed to trade mark the word ‘Liverpool’ in the context of football products and services as it has been rejected by the UK Intellectual Property Office. Liverpool FC had attempted to register ‘Liverpool’ as a trade mark in attempt to stop individuals from benefiting from the sale of counterfeit merchandising and products. So why was it rejected? Trade marks which designate the kind, quality, quantity, intended purpose, value, geographical origin, time…
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Veja trainers in white

Primark threatened over legal action over ‘fake’ Veja trainers

Primark has been threatened with legal action after producing a ‘copycat’ version of Veja’s popular trainers. This is not the first time that Primark have been threatened by a footwear brand for selling ‘counterfeit’ trainers. Last year, Vans had filed a law suit in the US against Primark for allegedly copying the designs of their two iconic skater trainers. The French label, Veja is a popular choice for fashion bloggers, celebrities and influencers as one…
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keyboard letters in focus OK

“Okurrr” Cardi B is getting a trade mark

Global rapper Cardi B has recently filed an application to register her signature catchphrase and sound effect “Okurrr” with the US Patent and Trade mark Office. “Okurrr” is a playful variation of the word “okay” and whilst Cardi B cannot necessarily make the argument that she invented the word, she might be able to argue successfully that she brought it to the attention of the mainstream and that she is responsible for commercialising the phrase.…
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Babybel cheese

Babybel loses red wax trade mark

Since 1996, the owner of Babybel, Fromageries Bel have had a trade mark registered for its prominent 3D round wax coating with the colour red for its cheese products. This month, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) issued a ruling invalidating the trade mark covering the red coating for Babybel cheese products. This trade mark was challenged by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s filed an invalidity application with the UKIPO on the grounds that the colour…
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black and white Vans and Primark copy

Vans sue Primark for selling ‘copies’ of its trainers

We all love a good pair of Vans as a staple item in our trainer collection don’t we?! Well, global shoe manufacturer Vans have issued proceedings against Primark in the US for allegedly copying the design of two of their most iconic skateboard trainers. The two designs are the Vans Old Skool trainers and the Vans Sk8-Hi trainer, which both feature the brand’s trade mark ‘side stripe’. Vans claim that they have been using this…
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Lush Cosmetics defeated in trade mark dispute

Lush Cosmetics has lost a trade mark battle after its opposition to a logo mark applied for by food manufacturer, Tasty Snacks was denied. Last week, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) ruled that Tasty’s application for a red and gold mark, with the word ‘LUSH’ in white writing, for “snacks consisting of mixtures of nuts; crisps” can proceed to registration in the UK. The application was opposed by Lush, which said it infringed its earlier…
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Another fight to protect Levi’s iconic Trade Mark

Trying to make your brand stand out in the fashion industry can be rather difficult sometimes…even for the big boys including worldwide denim brand Levis. Levis Strauss & Co. are famously known for their pocketed little red, white or blue tab that bears the Levi’s name on it. Last week, Levis filed a new law suit in a California federal court against the American branch of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) alleging that it has “manufactured,…
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keyboard online

Argos vs Argos

The Court of Appeal upheld the High Court decision that Argos Systems Inc (ASI), a US company, had not infringed Argos Ltd (AUL) registered trade marks for displaying Google adverts for AUL on its website <>. AUL is a well-known UK based consumer retailer which owns trade marks for the word ARGOS and the domain name <>. ASI is an American company that trades in the US providing CAD software. Its trade is limited to…
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breakfast bowl


Weetabix has lost a trade mark infringement battle with Sanitarium at New Zealand’s High Court last week. Sanitarium, a well-known cereal company based in New Zealand accused Weetabix of infringing its trade mark for Weet-Bix, which has been a well-recognised breakfast cereal in New Zealand for decades. It was found that a British store owner importing Weetabix into New Zealand breached the Trade Marks Act and the store would need to cover up the Weetabix…
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