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Rolled film


Back in April 2015, the film studio behind German comedy film “Fack Ju Göhte” did what film studios are expected to do in that situation– they filed a trade mark for the title of their film. This made perfect sense – the sequel to the first instalment (released in 2013) was on its way, and they wanted to protect the IP in the name of their growing franchise. The EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) had…
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Harry and Meghan’s defamation battle

Following the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping back as members of the Royal Family, you could be forgiven for thinking that recent media coverage reads like a leaked script for season 4 of The Crown. Amongst the many questions (or varying interest and relevance) which are being asked about this royal development, one which has caught some journalists’ eye is whether, and how, this will affect the Sussexes’ ongoing legal battle…
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A B C Book

C is for Copyright Infringement

No stranger to a good intellectual property dispute, Jay-Z is in the news again – this time for issuing proceedings against children’s author Jessica Chiha, who wrote “A B to Jay-Z”, a book designed to teach children to read using references to hip-hop culture, including artist names and lyrics. This follows two Cease and Desist letters in which Jay-Z asked Ms Chiha (and her company The Little Homie) to top selling the book, as far…
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MUSIC – What is a distribution deal and do I need one?

As a musician or producer, once you have finished your latest track or EP, the next step is to push your music for release. For signed artists, this is usually taken care of by your label. For independent artists, this is something you need to arrange yourself. Nowadays, it’s all about the streams, especially in the early stages of your career. The royalties you perceive per stream are quite low, and certainly lower than traditional…
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Images of cameras

The risks of using images taken from the internet in your marketing materials

If you are in charge of running your business’ website, chances are you will be using a large number of images, photographs, and other visuals which have not been created by you. Whether it is on your website, on social media, or in your newsletters, you will almost inevitably be relying on this third party generated content at some point. It is important to remember that this content is subject to copyright, and so it…
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Art Law

As an artist, it may seem like a daunting task to seek to make a living from your creative work. One critical step on the way to becoming a commercially successful artist is ensuring that your Intellectual Property is adequately protected. This will not only allow you to commercially exploit your art through the sale of one-off pieces and prints, collaborations, and licensing agreements, but will also allow you to enforce yourself if someone steals…
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Music mixer

BRIFFA – music lawyers

Here at Briffa, we specialise in all forms of Intellectual Property Law, but we also offer specialist advice in particular areas and industries which have their own unique set of issues and considerations, and therefore require first-hand knowledge and experience. The music industry is certainly one of these unique areas, for which you need to take expert legal advice from solicitors with a particular focus on music law and with in-depth experience and knowledge of…
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Rock band sued for over-use of llamas

Yes, you read that right. The American rock band Fall Out Boy are being sued by puppet maker Furry Puppet Studio for the excessive use of, well, llamas. The puppet maker was commissioned to create two llama puppets to feature in the band’s video Young and Menace. The llamas proved so popular that the band began using them as props on stage during live shows, on merchandise, and various other content created by the band.…
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musician drum kit

When musicians sue their own band over money

If you listened to heavy metal in the early noughties, chances are you remember metal bands KoRn and Slipknot. Both bands were hugely successful, releasing music and touring extensively for years. But the two bands now have something else in common – both are involved in acrimonious litigation between band members. KORN KoRn are locked in a legal battle with their former drummer David Silveria who quit the band back in 2005. A company had…
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Copyright sign

Why is the draft copyright directive being proposed? How would you describe the state of EU copyright law?

The draft European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the Directive) is designed to better equip copyright owners to protect and enforce their rights against new types of threats posed by the internet. The EU’s view, shared by the Directive’s supporters, was that existing copyright laws are not designed to deal with the way information is shared and republished online, and that these laws are therefore inadequate to ensure for example that…
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