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Aldi v BrewDog

Aldi has launched their new ‘Anti Establishment’ IPA which bears an uncanny resemblance to BrewDog’s Punk IPA and surprise surprise, Aldi’s product comes in slightly cheaper. However there is a twist!
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CALLING ALL INFLUENCERS – Protect your rights!

On social media, your intellectual property is your biggest selling point. Influencers post their content for everyone to see, with the hope that everyone will see it and engage. But what happens when you notice that someone is using your social media content without your consent?
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shareholders agreement

Importance of a shareholders agreement

We all find ourselves trying to embrace this new normal during this pandemic and for some, this break has allowed your business plans to come to fruition. Due to the speed that businesses move at one of the last considerations on your list as both part of your business plan and commercial spending may be ensuring that you have a shareholders agreement in place, however this document could save you both time, money and stress…
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A recent decision from the EU Intellectual Property Office has affirmed that when registering a trade mark you need to carefully consider the requirements of each individual territory. In addition, the EU Intellectual Property confirmed that just because you have previously been granted a trade mark for a specific term, does not mean that you will automatically meet the necessary requirements for a trade mark. For those avid fans of the TV drama Gossip Girl,…
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Confidential Information – who do you trust to keep your secret recipe?

During this unknown time of being in lockdown in the UK, you only have to go on Instagram to find that many of us are trying to recreate our favourite takeaway/restaurant recipes at home. One story that caught my eye was the individual who had been perfecting his version of the KFR secret 11 spices recipe for the past 18 months and has apparently cracked it. The exact secret recipe is so elusive that it…
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Copyright Infringement and Tattoos

The US District Court for the Southern District of New York has just issued their summary judgement in a case surrounding alleged copyright infringement of NBA players tattoos. As a brief summary, Solid Oak (the claimant) holds an exclusive copyright licence in the tattoos of some NBA players (LeBron James, Kenyon Martin and Eric Beldsoe to be exact) which it had acquired from the tattoo artist tattooed these players. Take Two Interactive Software Inc (“Take-two”)…
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The value of a Trade Mark

You may have seen that McDonalds have now launched their Big Mac® sauce as a separate condiment, which I hope that I am not alone in the pure feeling of joy this brings. But this is also a great example to show the commercial value of the Big Mac® trade mark. Before we get to the numbers, let us first deconstruct the Big Mac ®. It is made up as follows: Bottom bun; Big Mac®…
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Author of copyright works – man or machine?

Copyright protection arises automatically in literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works, and is an extremely useful intellectual property right. The author of a copyright work is the person who created it. In relation to computer-generated works the author is the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the creation of the work are undertaken. But what about artificial intelligence? If a piece of artificial intelligence creates a piece of copyright work, does it mean that…
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China on a globe

New ammunition against trade mark squatters in China?

Due to the “first to file” system that operates in relation to the registration of trade marks in China, there are copious instances of trade mark squatting. This presents a major problem for those trying to protect their brands in China. However, there has been a recent development in this area. A trade mark in China, can be invalided on one of two grounds. Either on relative grounds, which means that the trade mark in…
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Audius – good or bad for the music industry?

You may or may not understand the full inner workings of how blockchain works – but to put it simply, a blockchain is a collection of data. The chain is created by adding these blocks in chronological and sequential order to each other.  Blockchain is most widely associated with the use of Cryptocurrency, however Audius is a blockchain based music streaming service. It promises to be an “alternative to SoundCloud” by helping artists publish, commercialise…
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