Corporate and Commercial Law

Commercial as well as IP lawyers

We’re proud of our status as a leading, specialist IP law firm in London. We’re also an excellent choice for a full range of contract and commercial legal advice.

No fuss, plain English approach

We make sure we understand what you are trying to achieve first and draft a document that suits second.

We draft and explain in plain English and make sure business contracts help rather than detract from you running your business. We also draft complex documents which structure the correct deal and negotiate the best possible solutions. If we think you need guidance to avoid making a bad deal we say so.

Many business contracts now include essential IP clauses and considerations

There are compelling and fundamental business reasons for instructing lawyers who have a proven track record and reputation in Intellectual Property.

IP is now intrinsic to almost all businesses – many general commercial contracts, such as share sale agreements, shareholder agreements, business terms and conditions or even employment contracts will incorporate Intellectual Property related provisions and considerations.

The importance of intangible assets is growing, often equalling or surpassing the value of physical assets for a company. A significant Intellectual property portfolio boosts market share, influence, reputation, return on investment and above all, increases business value. In the past, traditional business valuations were 80% tangible assets, up to 20% intangible assets. It is not uncommon now for these proportions to be completely reversed.

Take this very simple example – you are interested in buying a business. That business sells products or services or both, has been trading for many years and is a well know brand in it’s sector. The business has a website. Most businesses which would not necessarily be considered as “tech” businesses include these aspects. In buying this business, you will undoubtedly be buying some IP – instructing lawyers who don’t fully understand the importance of due diligence, establishing what the IP is, who owns it, it’s value and whether it enjoys protection, is a big risk. Our expertise means you don’t need to worry about these crucial aspects.

Our Contract and Commercial Legal Advice

Common types of contracts and commercial issues we advise on include :-


  • Contract drafting
  • Contract reviews
  • Contract negotiations
  • Technology rights evaluation
  • Identifying intellectual property aspects essential for inclusion in contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Directors duties
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Joint ventures and investment agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Licensing, sponsorship or merchandising agreements
  • Agency or distribution contracts
  • E-commerce contracts

Commercial Legal Advice

  • Protecting Intellectual property assets and rights
  • Exit strategy, maximising business value and buying and selling business or assets
  • Company law
  • Starting a business
  • Shareholder rights
  • Identifying contractual dangers and minimising business risks
  • Regulatory compliance
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