Intellectual property is hugely important to businesses operating in the technology space and in particular to those operating exclusively or primarily through web/app based platforms. Airbnb is one of the world’s largest accommodation providers, but owns no properties. Uber is one of the world’s largest taxi companies, but owns no vehicles. Facebook is one of the world’s largest media owners, but creates no content. A substantial part of the value in these companies resides in their intellectual property assets.

At Briffa, we work with technology businesses of all shapes and sizes to ensure that they identify, protect, commercialise and, where necessary, enforce their intellectual property rights, from micro web/app development companies to large gaming companies.

Our services include:

Commercial Contracts

Contracts are a vital way to protect your business interests and ensure that other parties deliver on what they’ve promised. At Briffa, we regularly draft and negotiate contracts designed to protect and regulate the use of intellectual property rights in technology, as well as rights in data and confidential information.

Trade Marks

Brand identity is hugely important in the technology sector, particularly where a number of players in the market are supply the same/similar product or providing the same/similar service. A strong brand is what separates market leaders like Airbnb, Uber and Facebook from their competitors and builds reputation and consumer loyalty. At Briffa, we can help our clients ensure that all aspects of their brand are registered and protected anywhere in the world.


Copyright is the principal intellectual property right that protects software. Copyright may also subsist in images, video and audio footage, pieces of writing and other creative materials that are made available on a web/app based platform. Copyright may also reside in other ancillary (but valuable) materials, such as work in progress or marketing materials. These rights can subsist even if they haven’t been registered and at Briffa we can advise you on how to protect and defend them.

Data and Database Rights

Technology companies often deal in large amounts of data. At Briffa, we can advise on the ways in which rights in data may be protected and sold/licenced, the regulatory issues surrounding the processing of data (such as compliance with legislation governing the processing of personal data), as well as the rights that arise in databases.


Patents are hugely important to the technology sector (including software patents). If you have developed something new, Briffa can advise you on patent protection and guide you through the application process with our expert patent attorneys.

Confidential Information

Confidential information such as internal know-how and trade secrets can be extremely valuable and, even though such information may not be protectable by traditional forms of intellectual property protection (e.g. patents or copyright), it may still be possible to protect such information by imposing secrecy and non-disclosure obligations on anyone with whom such information is shared by means of a confidentiality clause or agreement.

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