As you will have guessed Margaret Briffa is not doing all this on her own. As a firm with a reputation for innovation and pioneering spirit often working at the cutting edge, Briffa has attracted a hugely talented team – many of whom are recognised leaders in industry sectors they work in.

Our lawyers specialise in :-

Detecting, investigating and preventing others from using your intellectual property unlawfully. We can represent you in getting remedies against infringers in the UK and globally.

Making money from dealing in your inventions, copyright, designs, brands in whatever industry sector you operate in.

Putting in place and building an effective brand strategy both in the UK and internationally.

Securing valuable intellectual property rights to your own creative works or acquiring rights from others.

Effective strategies for your business involve being able to operate internationally. We have built an expert network of like-minded results driven lawyers in more than 40 countries who collaborate with us to support you.

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