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Phone and social media lettering

The perils of posting on social media

The perils of posting on social media Who doesn’t love social media? We all tweet, post, share, and upload like there is no tomorrow. It allows us to directly reach large audiences and interact with others in real-time. Social media is also fast becoming an important tool for businesses who use it to educate, inform and communicate with the public. But there are things to think about before going on a posting frenzy: 1.    Copyright…
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Toy telephone exchange

So Google doesn’t owe us after all – action by data privacy group dismissed

A bid by a group called ‘Google You Owe us’ has had its claim for compensation against Google for privacy breaches thrown out by the High Court. Led by former Which Magazine Director Richard Lloyd, the Group claimed compensation from Google for tracking their iPhone handsets without permission for several months between 2011 and 2012. According  to the Group google used cookies to track users and get around setting in Apple’s Safari browser that that…
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Classified and Confidential

What’s ‘Appening with Facebook?

Introduction On 25 August 2016, WhatsApp announced that it was changing its terms and privacy policy to (among other things) allow communications with businesses (e.g. potentially an airline could inform you of delays via WhatsApp), to reflect its end-to-end encryption and as it is going to be working more with Facebook to improve tracking the frequency that users use services, to help fight spam and to improve the friend suggestions and adverts that Facebook provides.…
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