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Help, I’ve just received a cease and desist letter!

As intellectual property lawyers we spend much of our time either sending or responding to “cease and desist” letters. These letters are the first step in an IP claim and are essentially designed to set out the rights of the aggrieved party along with the various “remedies” which they are seeking to obtain. Typically the scenario is as follows, Party A owns some IP, such as a trade mark, a design, a patent or a…
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Startups and IP: 3 key things to think about

For some startups intellectual property is their main and the most valuable asset, and therefore it is extremely important to take care of their IP. Here are the 3 key things to think about to ensure you properly protect your IP and safeguard the value of your business: 1. Identify what IP you have and what you need to do protect it There are several types of intellectual property rights: · Copyright · Trade Marks…
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IP on Board – Protecting Creativity in the Auto Industry

The auto industry is rich in IP. Trade marks protect all-important brand names, logos and taglines. Registered designs protect things like trade dress, upholstery patterns and the shape and design of wheels and other car parts. Patents protect various technologies and technological improvement in areas such as connectivity, locking, intelligent braking, reversing and steering and much, much more. And copyright and contractually protected know-how also protect a wealth of valuable materials and proprietary information that…
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Business as EUsual? The EU position paper on post-Brexit IP rights

‘Brexit day’, or the date which the UK cleaves itself away from the EU, is no longer a day on the far away horizon and holders of ‘European’ IP rights are still none-the-wiser on how the UK intends to manage the transition. Indications thus far on our side of the channel have been that such rights will be maintained in the UK, but the precise way this will happen has yet to be decided. The…
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Small print, big potential – the importance of a set of Terms & Conditions

People love saying things like: “don’t sweat the small stuff”, “go with the flow” and “why don’t you just chillax”. Something which is worth noting however is that these people are never lawyers. Lawyers very much sweat the small stuff, are often reluctant to flow anywhere and never say chillax (admittedly I don’t think anyone actually says chillax anymore). So why is that? Are lawyers just incredibly uptight people who never manage to combine chilling…
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BriffaWay – The Carmen Influence

Tonight I leave work early to catch my nephew playing in a school production of Carmen. I first saw this opera as a young teenager and to my shame I giggled through the full two and half hours much to the annoyance of everyone around me. What was so funny that I behaved so badly throughout? All I could say in my defence was that the opera had been so ‘utterly over the top’ that I…
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Indemnity Costs in the IPEC

Indemnity Costs in the IPEC One of the great successes of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (the “IPEC”, formerly known as the Patents County Court) is the recognition that not all IP matters are of high enough value to be held in the high court. By setting costs and damages caps (at time of writing, £50K and £500K respectively), it undeniably increases access to justice for small to medium size businesses not willing to risk…
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