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Draft UK-EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement – a cause for hope for UK designers?

Is there a glimmer of light for UK designers? Right there at Article 24, page 204 of the Government’s draft free trade deal is a statement which suggests that the UK will argue for ‘reciprocity’ for unregistered design rights between the UK and the 27 Member States of the EU.  Given all this has happened in the last few months a recap may be in order. The issue is that at the end of the transition period…
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UK says No to Art 13 of the Copyright Directive

In what is perhaps an indication of the shape of things to come when we try and predict what divergence there will be between EU and UK laws in future, the UK government has confirmed that it will not implement the European Union’s Article 13 of the Copyright Directive. Article 13 was perhaps the most controversial of all the provisions on the Copyright Directive. Originally supported by the UK along with 18 other member states…
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We still need to talk about Brexit (sorry)

For most people in the UK, whichever side of the political divide they sit, mentioning Brexit is fast becoming the equivalent to running over your neighbour’s cat. Careless, disrespectful and, ultimately, unforgivable. However, you’re going to have to forgive me for bringing it up again. Not because I want to upset you but instead because I want to warn you (and I promise this isn’t project fear). I need to warn you that now is…
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Copyright Directive receives final approval of the European Parliament

On 26th March 2019 the Copyright Directive received final approval of the European Parliament. The draft Directive first published in September 2016 introduced sweeping changes to the way in which copyright will be enforced in the EU. The Directive has been on a long and fraught journey but is now due to be implemented in each member state of the European Union by the summer of 2021. The two contentious articles which most of the…
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Why is the draft copyright directive being proposed? How would you describe the state of EU copyright law?

The draft European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the Directive) is designed to better equip copyright owners to protect and enforce their rights against new types of threats posed by the internet. The EU’s view, shared by the Directive’s supporters, was that existing copyright laws are not designed to deal with the way information is shared and republished online, and that these laws are therefore inadequate to ensure for example that…
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Conor McGregor applies for trade mark

Conor McGregor vs Trade Marks

Conor McGregor, the former Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) in the featherweight and lightweight divisions, is having yet another dispute trying to register a trade mark in the EU. McGregor is well known for his high profile mixed martial arts fights and his persona in letting everyone know “he is the best at what he does,” whether that’s his fighting styles and skills or entrepreneurial skills. McGregor has been challenged on a number of his trade…
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Stand up and save your internet! – What you need to know about the new EU Copyright Directive

We are in a generation where the technology has come on leaps and bounds, and the law is trying to play catch up. The EU is looking to tackle this by changing copyright law to keep up with the current technological advances. However, the pending EU Copyright Directive has come up against a number of opposers who have highlighted the negative consequences of implementing it. So why is this directive being opposed by companies like…
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EU Copyright Directive: will there be a copyright tax for sharing content online?

Much has been made of the new EU Copyright Directive, with commentator’s opinions being polarised. Some say the Directive will offer greater protection for those operating in the creative industries but, in some cases, also has the potential to be “catastrophic” for online service providers. By way of background, the EU Copyright Directive essentially seeks to apply and tweak existing copyright laws in the context of the internet. The EU Copyright Directive will not be…
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