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Preparing for the new normal – COVID-19 and IP

As this global crisis changes from a short to a long term-issue businesses are starting to prepare for the new normal. For some, this may involve quite a major pivot in their product offering or target consumer. Whilst the ability to change and adapt to a new market is the essence of good business, it’s important to make sure that your IP protection does not get left behind. New products will mean new IP, if…
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IP & Commercial Work Out

As the lockdown continues many of us are finding new and creative ways to get fit, whether it’s our one outing a day or jumping up and down in the sitting room, a bit of exercise can work wonders on both our mental and physical health. The same is true for your business, even if it’s going through a slow period, now is the time to put it through its paces, look at what can…
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Preparing your business for investment, why IP is the key

Most businesses require third party investment at some point. In fact, the majority of start-ups are “bootstrapped” from inception and this can significantly limit their potential to hire new staff, increase growth or expand into untapped markets. Fortunately, there are people out there with cash to splash who are desperately looking for the next big thing. But, before they sign on the dotted line they’ll want to do their research and satisfy themselves that their…
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Cannabis product

Cannabis: Business opportunity or just smoke

I subscribe to an excellent publication which promotes the stories of small and successful emerging business called Courier Magazine. The October edition ran a long feature on the cannabis economy which features the stories of a whole host of start-ups developing what will quite probably become the big cannabis brands of the future. Over here in the UK there is no indication as to when and if the question of legalising cannabis will get on…
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man playing golf

Briffa Celebrates – Lynx Golf – Ambition certainly was Unleashed!

New opportunities. New skills. Recently I was lucky enough to have been the guest of our client Lynx Golf who were sponsors of the SEE Women’s Invitational Day. Up to now my only experience of golf was of the crazy kind, formerly confined to seaside towns but now becoming more fashionable and accessible following establishment of several venues around town. None of those places however have a spot on taking a swing on a course…
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Labour's Manifesto 1983

BriffaWay – Election Fever – What are the similarities of running a business and a general election?

While all elections have their own memorable moments, the general election of 1983 holds a particular place in labour party folklore as the party’s most traumatic defeat. Even now looking back nearly 33 years later I can’t quite believe the sheer awfulness of the campaign. Images of Michael Foot in donkey jacket riding on the beleaguered open topped battle bus picking twigs out of his hair remain vivid. The speaking tour of GB was poorly…
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Vintage Car

BriffaWay – Growing Pains

Withnail and I has to be one of my favourite films of all time. Having first seen it when it came out in 1987, like all great cult films it is one you can watch over and which over time speaks to you in different ways. Set in 1969 when the swinging  60’s was giving way to the hangover that was to be the 1970’s it tells the story of two out of work actors…
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Carmen performance flyer

BriffaWay – The Carmen Influence

Tonight I leave work early to catch my nephew playing in a school production of Carmen. I first saw this opera as a young teenager and to my shame I giggled through the full two and half hours much to the annoyance of everyone around me. What was so funny that I behaved so badly throughout? All I could say in my defence was that the opera had been so ‘utterly over the top’ that I…
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Image of a portable breakfast machine

BriffaWay – Lord Scrumptious

Although I was not aware at the time my first exposure to the business pitch was probably that in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). There is a part when Caractacus Potts visits Lord Scrumptious in his factory to pitch his toote sweets (sweets that whistle) and after an unfortunate meeting Potts begs Lord Scrumptious for another chance. Lord Scrumptious is merciless and famously reports: ‘Too late. Had your chance. Muffed It’. The pain…
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