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BriffaWay – Cease and Desist: Maybe if you ask me nicely – Part II

We are often asked to advise on cease and desists letter received from brand owners. As discussed in our blog, Cease and Desist: Maybe if you ask me nicely, cease and desist letters can come in all shapes and sizes. However for those not accustomed to receiving these letters, most have the effect of coming across as very threatening. They often warn of serious consequences for failing to agree a set of terms which the…
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BriffaWay – Cease and Desist: Maybe if you ask me nicely – Part I

The do’s and don’ts of cease and desist and how to avoid a PR disaster. We have written in this blog about the use of cease and desist letters to prevent others infringing on your intellectual property – Cease and Desist Letters – what are they for and how can they help?. There is no doubt that a well written letter making a formal request that the other side stop their infringing activity is an extremely…
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Prescribed legal advice

BriffaWay – It’s never too early to get the right prescription: How to get good legal advice

We get over 100 calls to the office every month from folk looking for help with their business and sorting out their intellectual property rights. The Briffa team is ready to help and we make a point of investing time in getting under the skin of whatever idea or business you are working on to really understand where the value lies and what gives you competitive edge. This is a cost to our business so…
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geographical indication Cornwall

BriffaWay – What has the EU ever done for IP? Chapter 2

By the end of the 18th century, the Cornish pasty had established itself as the staple diet of working men across Cornwall. This pre-Tupperware quick fix for lunch was enjoyed by tin miners and farm workers as it was easily transported and agreeably filling. Towards the end of the 19th century the words ‘I’ll just get a couple of those Iceland Cornish pasties out of the freezer for tea’ struck fear and dread into the…
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I will survive

BriffaWay – A tale of how we will retain our sense of humour after Brexit no matter what

Last month I introduced you to a new series for #BriffaWay which I described as a personal reflection on our European journey. The series entitled ‘What has the EU ever done for Intellectual Property?’ was inspired by the 1979 Monty Python classic, Life of Brian. In that film there is scene where the People’s Popular Front of Judea meet to plot the kidnap and murder of Pontius Pilate’s wife. Huddled together in a backroom one…
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Message in a bottle

Briffa Way – Message in a bottle

Way back when the most exciting message you could ever hope to receive was definitely one that came in a bottle. Fast forward 20 years to the end of the 1990’s and the idea of a message had been high jacked by the New Labour spin machine that presided over statements made by party politicians and gave judgement as to whether any given statement was on or off message. By the early 2000 the idea…
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Women Suffrage poster

BriffaWay – My Feminist Credentials

This month we have been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passing of an Act of Parliament giving women over 30 the right to vote. This most welcome of milestones called to mind the very day I first gave any real consideration to the topic of women’s rights. It was summer 1979. Margaret Thatcher had been Prime Minister barely a month. As an organising member of the school debating society a discussion around the topic…
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toy angel holding a heart

It’s a Wonderful Life and a Wonderful Film

Seven decades after it was first released the Christmas classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a holiday year traditional many look forward to including myself. Without wishing to spoil things for those haven’t yet watched, this much I can say. It tells the story of George Bailey who gives up his dreams of building skyscrapers and exploring the world to do good in his small town of Bedford Falls. The film starts on Christmas Eve.…
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Book cover

BriffaWay – Bear Hug

OK I put my hand up, I am a untidy person. The good news is that I am aware of my chronic messiness which means I have not crossed the line into it being a psychiatric condition. In fact as further evidence of just how rational I am I decided that Saturday would be the day I start a massive home tidy up.   First step therefore was to get myself down to the local Waterstones…
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Peace bannder

Briffaway – Greenham

In late summer 1981 a small group of walkers set off from Cardiff to march across the west of England. They had been recruited by one Annie Pettit a small wiry woman who under the placard of ‘women for life on earth’ had placed ads in local shops, the Guardian and Cosmopolitan calling for action. The band who only met for the first time that morning comprised 36 women 4 men and 3 children. As they passed…
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