Good design can make or break a product. At Briffa we can help and support product design business across a whole range of industry sectors including furniture, lighting, mobile phones, giftware, technology, accessories and luggage to name a few. The ways to protect and commercialise product design are changing in the UK, across the EU and elsewhere and designers who understand the legal landscape are best placed to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. At Briffa our product design team has the experience and insider knowledge to really help your business grow.

The law that protects designs is complex and multi-layered. In the UK alone design may be protected by one of four rights, UK or EU registered design rights, UK or EU unregistered design rights. Further afield designs may be protected as design patents such as in the US or by copyright. Knowing what rights are available is invaluable in advising on a protection strategy for designs with global ambition. Likewise knowing where protection is scant and other action may be needed to retain the value in designs in which you have invested is something we can help you with. While as a rule of thumb we advise growing an intellectual property portfolio alongside your business growth into new markets, protection of designs is time sensitive in that new designs must be filed for within a year of first showing in public. International protection is available on those same designs only where protection is extended to other countries within 6 months of the first filings. Even working within these restrictions we have helped many businesses devise a strategy that is effective in terms of protection and costs. The way in which designs are protected is evolving and while we do not yet know the detail of the resume that will protect designs in the UK after Brexit we have devised effective plans for businesses that need to be sure of the best possible protection of their products in all eventualities.

On the commercial side we have pioneered work on new forms of contractual arrangements that product design companies can use to maximise revenues from designs they create for clients. The old fees for design work model often does not give a just reward for the value created by designers for their clients. Our methods involve taking a collaborate approach to the payment structure for new designs ensuring you are justly rewarded and share in the success of products that are a great commercial success.

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