No matter what stage your career is at, we can provide advice and guidance to help you make your mark on the music industry. We act for bands, solo artists, managers, independent labels, DJs, producers, promoters and more.

Contract negotiation and advice

Whether you are an artist who has been offered a record deal, a band thinking about hiring a manager, or a brand looking to licence a song for your next marketing campaign, we can guide you through the entire process, start to finish.

Whatever the deal you are about to sign, come to us for advice to ensure you are getting the terms that are right for you.

Music disputes

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things just go wrong. Whether you have fallen out with your manager, suspect your label is not paying the royalties at the agreed rate, or have found another artist or producer copying your work – we can assist with the enforcement of your rights.

Other legal considerations

Unlike other music law firms, we can also offer specialist advice on other aspects of your career which may not be directly music related, but directly impact you.

For example, we can assist you in dealing with other industry professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, videographers, choreographers, publicists etc.

We also advise on niche and constantly fluctuating areas of the law such as vlogging, the regulation of sponsored content on social media, endorsement deals, etc.

Where required, we carry out trade mark and domain name registrations, and advise on the management and protection of your IP rights internationally.

Protecting your other artistic work

More and more artists are active in more than one area of the arts. If you are an author, actor, model, street artist, dancer, photographer etc. in addition to being a musician, it is important that you take legal advice from someone who has experience in the relevant industries.

Our expertise spans various media and entertainment industries including art, TV, film, fashion, design – so we are always there to advise and assist, no matter which part of your creativity you need to protect.

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