In a world where you need to grab a consumer’s attention in spilt seconds the art of the graphic designer is more important than ever before. A key concern to graphic design businesses is how to ensure appropriate remuneration for work that could become iconic and invaluable to the clients you work for. Far too often designers complain of receiving very little for work that has contributed significantly to their client’s success. There is no excuse for this. The secret of profitable  work as a graphic designer is making sure you have the right contracts in place with your clients that spell out the use that can be made of your work for the price paid. Outright transfer of all copyright in a work attracts a far higher price than limited use in a specified territory.  Negotiating a fair price is in your gift. Working with graphic design businesses to change  the way they charge for their work has seen some businesses enjoy dramatic rises in profitability.

Clearance Service

In addition all businesses are looking to attract clients and improve their offering by adding value. We work with many graphic design businesses to carry out basis clearance checks on new name or logo ideas you are presenting to clients. In short, is there something obvious out there that is a legal block to your client being able to use your work and secure registered trade mark in a name. This clearance  check  done at an early stage means your client can present your work to its team with confidence. No more getting a client hooked on a name only for the work to be rejected on the basis that it is not protectable as a trade mark much further down the line. Don’t get sent to back to the drawing board or risk an unhappy client.  Our clearance service makes the process to sign off smooth and enhances your reputation as a trusted agency.

Greeting card businesses

We work with artistic and licensors in the greeting card business to help them commercialise the work profitably. We work closely with the Greeting Card Association (GCA) and offer members discounts on work we undertake. We work with the GCA to promote this innovative and creative industry sector.

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