It’s no secret that parents want the best for their children and consumer spending in this sector continues to grow year on year. With an increase in spending comes and increase in investment and Briffa has strong track record in helping clients develop an initial concept into a multi-national business.

Intellectual property is fundamental to the value of any business but it’s particularly true for Baby & Child as brands need to convince careful and discerning parents that their products will support the growth and development of children at the most delicate stage in life. 

Our specialist solicitors advise on all aspects of intellectual property, whether it’s the registration of a baby food brand, the design of a cot bumper or the copyright in teaching materials, we can show you what needs to be protected and how to do it.

Now, more than ever, original ideas can be quickly copied and without the adequate protection in place from the outset, it can be hard to fight back. However, if you can get it right, you will have an opportunity to trade within one of the most rewarding and exciting markets in the UK. 

Briffa is incredibly well placed to help your business through the difficult teething stages and expedite its first steps in this innovative market. The starting point is to arrange a free initial consultation meeting with one of our solicitors. We will use this time to get to know you and your business. We can discuss what protection you already have and what you need to get you to the next stage. Often this starts with simple a registration but it can also involve the development of key commercial contracts or the implementation of a brand protection strategy. Once we have met with you we’ll send you an outline of the work required along with our fixed fee quotes for assisting you with it. Only when we have your approval will we undertake the next steps and you can control both the speed and the budget. 

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