The way healthcare is delivered is changing and the industry around health and wellbeing is growing fast. At Briffa we have lawyers who can support you if you are active in this sector. It is one thing to know what forms of protection are available. The skill is in knowing what is right and best for any business to protect what is valuable and how to use the rights you have to build a valuable business. Whether your target market is corporate buyers, the NHS or consumers Briffa will be able to help you navigate and guide you through the systems.  

Many of our clients in healthcare have first hand experience of the NHS having worked some capacity for NHS Trusts. Others have set up businesses to commercialise research they have completed as part of a PhD or other project. A first consideration is often to ensure that the intellectual property rights which will underpin the business and which it will want to exploit are owned by the business and not another entity. Where another business or entity hold rights in intellectual property we can advise on the best way to formulate a deal going forward to give our client the freedom it needs to ensure the product’s success. A solid foundation at the outset is best to avoid future problems when the business is getting ready for investment or sale. As with all the business support a full review of the intellectual property rights which exists and securing those of value is vital to realising the business potential. In common with other businesses, healthcare businesses can benefit from the whole range of intellectual property rights and are not as owners tend to assume when they first meet us that the answer lies in patents and patents alone. Increasingly many businesses in the healthcare field rely on access and collation of data to be able to provide and maximise their services and our expert data protection team is adapt at advising on how best to structure and build data assets for the business f the future. We often work with associates internationally to ensure a business is scale-up ready and compliant in its all important markets.

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