From street food to baby food, pop-up to PLC, our dedicated team at Briffa deals with all of the intellectual property issues (and the majority of the contractual issues_ which a food and drink brand might encounter.

Our services include:

Trade Marks

Your brand is your identity and it’s usually a major driving force behind a consumer purchase. We can make sure it’s registered and properly protected anywhere in the world.

Commercial Contracts

Contracts are a vital way to protect your business interests and ensure that other parties deliver on what they’ve promised. Be it a packing agreement, distribution agreement, sales agreement, wholesale agreement or freelancer agreement, we can draft and review documents for a fixed fee.


The shape of your product or packaging is often a key aspect to its appeal. If you agree, then you should protect it with a registered design.


You are likely to have rights in the text/illustrations on your packaging and in your marketing. These rights can subsist even if they haven’t been registered and we can advise you on how to defend or enforce them.

Confidential Information

One on the most famous pieces of confidential information is the recipe of Coca Cola. We can help you keep your recipes secret with non-disclosure agreements.


Are you an inventor? Have you come up with a new and inventive step? If so, we can advise you on patent protection and guide you through the application process with our expert patent attorneys.

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