#BriffaEvents – Legal Surf and Turf

Written by Margaret Briffa | November 27, 2016

Design Rights

What fun we had. The joint seminar we held with Acid on how far our law protects ‘unfair imitation’ was attended by Acid members and Briffa clients. We invited Jan Ludwig, a lawyer with whom we work closely in Germany, and Evert Van Gelden, our Dutch Associate and an expert in looking after the IP needs of creative businesses.

Our very own William Miles spoke about the situation in the UK and Dids MacDonald CEO of ACID and the champion of rights for designers gave the low down on all the initiatives being worked on to help designers and make sure that UK designers, in particular, do not lose out after Brexit.

After taking all that in our artist in residence, Duncan Raban, banned all further legal talk as we took to the surfboards. Here’s a selection of pics. It’s never boring at Briffa.

By Margaret Briffa

will-pat-and-claire sylvia-and-evert
jan-and-scott scott-and-dids
dids-and-margaret guest-and-liz bianca-and-eamon alex-and-will

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