How IP and copyright can affect your business, regardless of what industry you are in

Written by Briffa | January 23, 2019


People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that Intellectual Property Law is not something which directly concerns them. You would usually associate IP with the creative industries such as music, fashion, art, film etc. or life sciences and technology.

However, IP considerations find their way into nearly every industry – and especially in cases where someone’s IP has been infringed.

One such industry in which you would not expect to deal with too many claims for copyright infringement is the independent automobile garage industry. Nevertheless, specialist industry publication recently sought advice from Briffa and copyright specialist Joshua Schuermann to contribute to an article which aims to give independent garages and technicians useful tips on how to avoid finding themselves on the receiving end of a legal claim, but also on how to protect and enforce their rights.

The full article, which incorporates Joshua’s advice and commentary, is available here.

Remember – whatever line of business you are in, you need to be careful with the media content you use on your website and social media, and ensure that you own the necessary rights.

Written by Joshua Schuermann

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