BriffaCelebrates – Greeting Card Association (GCA)

April 19, 2017

Intellectual Property



98 years and still going strong. The GCA, with a family feel but a mighty influence, do many things right for its members in the greeting card industry. Maybe we are gushing but we also think they are doing their bit for humanity by promoting that level of human contact that you just can’t get with a text.

With the lovely Sharon Little at the helm, the GCA offer genuinely useful Member Benefits and has pushed some great initiatives. Recent events include a Speed Networking event, breaking down a big hurdle for publishers and giving them the opportunity to pitch to retail buyers, such as Clintons as well as independent retailers.

Whether you are an artist, publisher, retailer, supplier, start-up or behemoth, if you are in the greetings cards biz the GCA should be on your radar!


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