The data police are coming – new stringent data protection laws will take effect in 2018 – are you ready?

February 28, 2017

Data Protection

The new, more stringent data protection laws will take effect in 2018. There will be a new set of principles with a greater emphasis on transparency in how you collect and use personal data, as well as increased requirements for security and confidentiality.

Two important reasons to pay attention to this now are:

  1. Personal data (e.g. customer email addresses) is a valuable marketing tool for many businesses. If you are collecting personal data now and you have collected it in a way which does not comply with the new regulations, that data will fall foul of the new regulations in 2018 and you risk penalties for continuing to use it.
  2. The Information Commissioner’s Office, which is the UK’s authority for data protection and privacy rights, will lose its funding and be expected to make its revenue from fines. They are going to need to issue more monetary penalties to survive, which means the number and amount of fines is likely to dramatically increase – act now to make sure you are not in the firing line.

The Information Commissioner’s Office have a handy guide setting out the new requirements, which can be found here. For more information or to book a data audit for your business, contact INFO.

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