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Written by Margaret Briffa | February 14, 2017

Intellectual Property

Both of my older sons studied physics at university. One was mostly concerned with all things massive and astro and now spends his working life in an aluminium tube high above the earth flying people from point A to point B. The other concerns himself with all things micro or nano and is holed up in an underground bunker working out how to harness the magnetic power of spintronics to shape our future down on earth. Very different worlds and lots of disagreement between them on all sorts of things physics but one thing that they do agree on without a doubt is that you cannot break the laws of physics.

How very different their worlds then to the world which we inhabit. I well remember the first book on the reading list when arriving at university entitled ‘How to Do Things with Rules (Law in Context) by William Twining and David Miers.’ The title struck an immediate chord in my rebellious heart. I was entering a world of great possibility. Not the dry stick subject they tried to warn me off at school. Immediately I learnt that while statutes give an outline of the rules to be followed it was the ‘interpretation of those laws that was there to be argued over debated and used for the benefit of people. Law was a tool kit to be used to get things done and at Briffa we do just that. We are not the type of lawyers that tell you what you can’t do but what you can do to use the system we have to help your business grow.  We are not complacent. We remain questioning and creative. Here at Briffa we maintain the spirit of adventure that first excited me to think of law not as something inert and prohibitive but alive and useful. All in all, our approach means we are best placed to support you as you grow your business into one of the great businesses of tomorrow.




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