#BriffaWay – Battling the Zombies

Written by Margaret Briffa | November 18, 2016

Intellectual Property

There is a danger with any professional service that you have seen the same sort of things so many times that you risk going into autopilot or zombie mode. I experience this myself when I have need of some help and guidance and I am treated to a plate of stock solutions with no attempt whatsoever to really understand my hopes and dreams. At Briffa we have an eradication program to prevent lawyers turning to zombies and our zero tolerance policy pays dividends.

zombieWe believe that if you care to listen and truly understand what a client wants to achieve then we really can be instrumental in bringing the desired outcome about. You come in with a dispute with a copyist. We sort that out and more by securing you a dream joint venture deal with the copyist. It’s this type of creative thinking that has helped mark the service we provide to our client compared to others. We continue to fight the living dead to bring creative solutions to your creative business. Get in touch to start your journey.

By Margaret Briffa

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