Briffa Celebrates – Howies

Written by Margaret Briffa | December 8, 2016

Intellectual Property


#BriffaCelebrates – Howies

Are you both active and fashionable? If so you will know Howies the adventure brand dedicated to making you look good while cycling or running. Born in Wales in 2006 and still based in picturesque Carmarthen on the River Towy, Howies celebrated its 21st Birthday this summer. It’s been quite a journey and we are glad to be on the road supporting them again with our personal; brand of lawyering after a spell away under a megabrand. The business is continually developing its product line and maintains its focus on ethical products with minimal environmental impact. It’s now ready to move up and plans to re-launch its wholesale business in Spring 2017 with full roll out in the Autumn. We are excited for them. It’s a big but exciting leap to design complete collections in advance but Howies have teamed up with some great designers to do just that. Meanwhile the beat goes on and you can pick up some fab designs from their website at

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